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Practice Tournaments with BAC

Please Navigate through the Tab Menu or Click on any of the Following Topics for more information:

   ONLINE -  Daily Chesskid Tournaments in the BAC General Club (Free access if you have a chesskid account with us!)

   ONLINE -  BAC Prize-League on Chesskid. Monthly subscription to Weekend Online Prize Tournaments for BAC-€OINs (8 events/month)

   IN-PERSON -  Rising Star Event. Over-the-Board Unrated Practice Tournament for First Timers + Parent Seminar! (10/9 = San Jose)

If you are instead looking for RATED USCF Tournaments and Championships, please visit our Tournament Site at www.BayAreaChess.com.

Note that this site uses different login credentials, so you will have to make a new account if you are a first time visitor (we suggest making account credentials the same for both sites).  Apologies for this hassle as we work on optimizing the user-experience.