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Practice Tournaments with BAC

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      ONLINE -  Daily Chesskid Tournaments in the BAC General Club (Free access if you have a chesskid account with us!)

      IN-PERSON -  Rising Star Event. Over-the-Board Unrated Practice Tournament for First Timers + Parent Seminar!


Please note that this is the BAC Enrichment Site. If you are instead looking for RATED over-the-board USCF Tournaments and Championships, please visit our Tournament Site at www.BayAreaChess.com. See the Difference Below: 

https://www.bayareachess.com  is the Tournament Site : 
All USCF Events use the Tournament website: (email: ask@bayareachess.com)

https://enrichment.bayareachess.com is the Enrichment Site : 
All Camps / Classes / Clubs / Chesskid / Practice Events / Teams use the Enrichment website : (email: enrich@bayareachess.com)

  *Note that the two sites use different login credentials, so you will have to make a new account if you are a first time visitor (we suggest making account credentials the same for both sites).  Apologies for this hassle as we work on optimizing the user-experience.