• Bay Area Chess Teams on Saturdays

    First, Intermediate, and A-Teams in San Jose:
    BAC Chess Center@ 2050 Concourse Drive Suite #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)
    First/Intermediate Team in Palo Alto:
    Unitarian Universalist Church @ 505 E Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (map)





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    Questions? Please email enrich@bayareachess.com


BAC Teams
Categories and classifications

BayAreaChess have 4 different categories of teams, and players and students are welcome to inquire about these based on their USCF rating and tournament experience. Please note that students that have never attended a tournament, or are under 500 USCF Rating, should be attending weekend CLUBS before advancing to BAC Tournament TEAMS.

BAC A-Team/Elite Team for players 1500+ USCF rating.
NEW! SCHOLASTIC + ADULT Players are Welcome Starting February 2020
Meets: Saturdays 11AM-1PM @ BAC Office in San Jose
Head Coach: IM Kostya Kavutskiy
Pleased READ the message from A-Team Head Coach:
The A-Team is for serious tournament players 1500+ (strict) that are looking to improve their game. The group classes focus on universal chess skills, such as calculation, decision making, and positional judgment. Students are expected to work on chess regularly while attending classes, in the form of solving tactics, reading books, or playing online. Students are also expected to remain active tournament players while being members of the A-team, with the goal of 1 tournament per month.

BAC Intermediate Team: for players in the 1000-1500 USCF rating range.
Meets: Saturdays 1-3 PM@ BAC Office in San Jose
Head Coach: IM Faik Aleskerov & GM Zviad Izoria

BAC First Team @ San Jose: for players who are between 400-1000 USCF rating.
Meets: Saturdays 3PM - 5PM @ BAC Office in San Jose
Head Coaches: IM Faik Aleskerov & GM Zviad Izoria


BAC First/Intermediate Team @ Palo Alto : for players between 500-1500 USCF rating.
NEW Class Times effective January 2020:
Meets: Saturdays 9:30AM-11:30AM @ UU Church in Palo Alto
Head Coaches: IM Faik Aleskerov & GM Zviad Izoria





                          TEAM MEETINGS

                       # of
'19 Sep
 9/7, 9/14, 9/21, x  


'19 Oct
 10/5, 10/12, x,10/26   3    
'19 Nov
11/2, 11/9, x,11/23    3    
'19 Dec
 12/7, 12/14, 12/21   3    
'20 Jan*
x, x, 1/18, 1/25, 2/1    3    


'20 Feb
  2/8, x, 2/22,  2/29   3    
'20 Mar
 3/7, x,  3/21, 3/28   3    
'20 Apr
 4/4, x, 4/18, 4/25   3    
'20 May
5/2, 5/9 , 5/16   3    
  '20 June TBD        

Team Fees, Policies & FAQ

Please find below a summary of BAC Team Fees and Policies. To see full Information please refer to BAC TEAM FEES AND POLICIES

Welcome to BAC Teams! Please read and acknowledge BAC Teams Policies and Fees:

BAC Team Classes are held monthly throughout the school year, September through June, and include 3 classes. Team classes may be offered through Summer (July and August).

Flat Monthly  Fee:
First, Intermediate and A-Team, - $130/month

Team Fee includes:
- 2 hours of training with the team and Head Coach on three weekends
(total of 6 hours of training time)
- email communication follow-ups during the week by request with Head Coaches regarding problems & solutions, personalized questions, and much more

 The BAC Team classes fee is a flat fee, which covers 3 classes a month and is payable monthly.

BAC A-TEAM by invitation only,
.Please email 
enrich@bayareachess.com to apply.

Registration is through the BAC Enrichment webpage: enrichment.bayareachess.com
Online Registration to the Team classes will open on Sundays after the 3rd class each month and will close at the end of the day Fridays before the first class of the following month

On-Site registration to the Team classes is allowed on a first class of each month. NO Cash Payments please if registering on-site, CHECKS ONLY with the student’s name on the check and parent email written in the memo.
Please create Login/Password to this site. Once you have done it, please go to:
Select YOUR TEAM = you will land at the registration page for the current month

BAC TEAM Class Rosters
are completed by the first class of the month and used for a check-in for each student. If the student is NOT on the roster, such student will not be allowed to the class, unless the parent has arranged with us check payment on-site. Please contact
enrich@bayareachess.com with any question

Cancellation, Class Make-Ups and Pro-Rate Policy:
Cancellations are not allowed. Whether your child chooses to attend just one, two or three classes on a selected month, the price is the same.

There are NO Trial Classes.
There are NO make ups for missed classes.
There are NO prorates.
Sick Team Member Policy: if the Team Member has been sick throughout more than one Team class, we will request an official doctor’s note, and may consider to credit the monthly fee amount towards the next month. There are no prorates for one missed Team class due to sickness

Late Pick-up policy:
Team players are expected to be picked up within 5 minutes to the end of their class. Any player who is not picked up by 10 minutes after the class ends will be given a warning. Second incident may result in withdrawal from the team. Please, respect our coaches by respecting their time.

Important Notes:
Remember to please register early for events, as many of our weekend events fill up.
Absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD SHARING Policy in all BAC Programs

Q: What's the difference between the Weekend Clubs and the BAC Teams?
A: The clubs are more casual, fun atmosphere and attendance can be on an ad-hoc basis by purchasing a drop-in fee. Teams need commitments and consistent attendance, and will be focused on improvement in all areas of chess.

Q: Can we try out the class? Do you offer a first try-out class?
A: No, we do not offer try-out classes. You can register your child for 1 month , and if your child decides to not continue, you simply do not register your child for the next month.

Q: What is expected from the Team members?
A: Consistent attendance and team commitment. Also recommended to spend anywhere between 2-30hr/week on chess at home.

Q: Is there a maximum number of team members for each team?
A: Yes. All teams are open by Space allowed. We provide a second coach if the number of Team members in the Team is larger than 10.

Q: Your Question here? Please email enrich@bayareachess.com