Frequently Asked Questions - BAC Online

Online Class Format (Term classes)

What is the Online Course Format?
        > Online Courses: a 60-minute session once per week, for levels 1-5 (Tracks A or S). This format will combine lessons and gameplay in a single session. Players receive Gold Memberships to Chesskid.com (if they are not already in the BAC club) to use inside and outside the zoom session. The specific format and curriculum are based on a variety of conditions and is ultimately at coach discretion. Larger classes will split the rooms using Zoom Break-out to further optimize the learning groups. Note that School sponsored courses may have a unique format and often a longer semester.

What is the Difference between the Two Schedule Tracks ?
        > Track A : Regular terms are 7 weeks in length with a Championship on the final class.
        > Track S : 6 week sessions in Summer with a special option to buy bundles of multiple classes at a discount.
There is otherwise no difference between the two Tracks in terms of curriculum and format.

What if I want to register for 2 or more classes per week?
     - You certainly may! Consider all courses and Tracks to be a la carte, and you may register/purchase whichever and however many you want. Multiple purchases in the same Transaction triggers a 10% discount for the extra cart items. In Summer (Track S), there will be an option to buy a pass (4 classes) for even cheaper.

I registered, when can I expect the Zoom link or my Chesskid Membership?
     - We send Memberships to your registered email a few days before the course starts and Orientations (with Schedule+Zoom Links) roughly 24 hours before the first session. If you register late, we will send it as soon as we see it come through.

I didn't receive the info, can you send it to me?
     - In most cases, the email went to an address that the parent didn't realize they were registered with, or it is sitting in a spam/junk folder (Hotmail.com is particularly notorious for doing this). Please check in these folders before emailing us. If you need to reach us, please email us at enrich@bayareachess.com.

Pacific Standard Time (PST)?
     - Bay Area Chess is based in California so most of our references to start times will be using Pacific Standard Time.  See Time Zones

What is your Class Ratio?
     - We will be using a Course ratio of 10:1, or better. Larger classes will have multiple coaches and Zoom-Break-out will be used to optimize learning groups, but the total ratio will always try to honor the 10:1 maximum.

Do you have Trial classes?
     - We do not have term trials at this time. We may have single-session online options, like this Level 2-3 class at 6pm on Wednesdays.

Do I have to Pay with PayPal?
     - Most registrants use the Guest Payment option that Paypal provides, so that you may use debit/credit for payment without needing to log in to anything. There is usually a link for this under any Paypal payment button.   

Can I choose who my coach will be in advance?
     - There will be some courses that do not start, and many that surge and will need multiple coaches, so staffing is very tricky to confirm in advance as changes could be made up to the course start-date. Staffing is often posted on course pages after clicking on a day/time link, though in many cases we would be using Zoom Break-Out rooms to optimize the learning groups for large classes and would not know in advance which kids would be with which coaches in those side-rooms (as those decisions are left up to coaches after seeing the settled roster).  We will always consider requests and try to meet them.

What is your TAX-ID for FSA purposes?
      - Tax ID: 26-2776273.  More info on FSA receipts.


Skill Levels 

What Skill-Level should I choose for my child?
     - We have a general scale to help guide you on our Level Suggestion Page. Please note that Level 1 Courses are specifically designed for absolute beginners that need to review piece-movement and cannot checkmate on their own.

When will I know it is time to promote to a higher Level?
     - The link above provides estimated rating markers that generally suggest when a child is ready to upgrade. BAC Coaches will also be able to make a recommendation for you (based on experience, achievements, and enthusiasm).
     - Our most common question is if a Level 1 student is ready to move up:
The average new player, age 6+, that completes 20+ games and has watched/completed the first ~10 Chesskid Animated lessons should only have to stay in Level 1 for a single term. In many cases, the term will incorporate Level 1.


Chesskid.com Membership 

What is the difference between Basic and Gold?
     - Check here to see the benefits of a Gold Membership.

Do I have to make my own account?
     - You do not, we create Gold Memberships for all players that do not have a BAC account and mail them to you. If you already have a gold membership that is not part of the BAC general club and prefer to use it, we can import that account and you will not receive a BAC Gold membership. You must let us know before the class is set to start to minimize confusion and down-time live in class. 

When will I receive my Chesskid Membership?
     - A few days before the Course is set to start. If you registered late, then we will make and send it asap.

I didn't receive a Membership, can you send it to me?
     - Memberships might already be in your spam folder or on an alternate (registered) email address. Please check there first, but otherwise we can help you at enrich@bayareachess.com.


Chesskid Tournaments 

How do I register for the Tournaments?
     - There's no need to register and there's no need to pay for anything! If you are in the BAC Club (all accounts that we create are in by default!) then you have access to all of our Chesskid Tournaments. You can find them from the Homepage "Upcoming Tournaments" or you may go to "Play vs Kid" to see them there. 

I cant seem to join the Tournament, can you please help me?
     - Please explore the link above very thoroughly, as it covers every question and topic we've received in better detail. Our 4 most common issues that players experience:
  > You are using a non-BAC account that isn't in the BAC Club, so isn't able to see BAC Tournaments.
  > You are using the Chesskid App.. Tournaments are only available in a browser.
  > You may have clicked on a Tournament that is beyond the players listed Fast-Chess Rating: (u1000 and 1000+ can only be joined by players under 1000 or over 1000). 
  > Sometimes you will have to click on the grey X in the top right corner to close a Window and reveal the Tournament lobby beneath it. See the clear visual in the provided link above (and for all other Support issues).



Where can I buy BAC-approved workbooks?
     - There are many resources available, though we will always have workbooks available for sale at the BAC office when you join us for a Club-Class, Camp Session, or trade in your BAC €oins for Prizes.. 

Where can I buy Chessboards or Clocks?
     - We highly support in-house gaming with physical boards! Visit our friends at American Chess Equipment to stock up on all types of Chess supplies: https://amchesseq.com/r?id=6a3418