Rising Star: Your First Tournament Experience

NON-Rated Practice Event for First Timers Only


Saturday, October 9th @ BAC Office in San Jose,
12:00 - 2:30 PM   
(after our morning Club, 9:30-11)

2050 Concourse dr #42
San Jose CA 95131


- This Event is ONLY for unrated players that have never participated in a Rated Tournament (Chesskid events are not rated).
- A player may not attend more than one Rising Star Event. Every participant must be experiencing their very first 'over-the-board' Tournament.

We know the world of competitive Chess can feel overwhelming. The Rising Star event is a format for children to experience all the conditions of a standard USCF rated tournament without the stress and worry of strict expectations, allowing them to pause and ask questions, and offers parents the opportunity to better understand everything they need to help aid their children along their journey.

BAC will try to host Rising Star events every 4-8 weeks. Always check back on this page for any updates ;)

BAC Rising Star:

At our BAC Rising Star Events, new players can learn the rules and etiquette of USCF rated tournaments in an educational, fun and non-competitive atmosphere. These events hold the same format as our scholastic tournaments, except that they are non-rated (games/results will NOT be sent into the United States Chess Federation, hence no USCF membership is required to participate) and are specifically designed to introduce kids to the rules and standards of competitive Chess. Players will learn the procedure of looking up their pairings, how clocks are used in tournament play, the special rules for touching pieces, the order of operations when completing a game, general tournament etiquette, and various terms and expectations. 

Time Control: G/25; d5 (Game in 25 minutes with 5 second delay). 
   What does this mean?  Each player gets 25 minutes, and at each move, there is a 5 second delay before the clock starts running. IF players use up their time, a game can last up to an hour.  The Rising Star Event will be 3-4 games, as time allows, which historically finishes around 2:15pm!

Tournament type:  Swiss: All players will be in one big section, and initial pairing will be random. The pairing for every round thereafter will be based on the results of the previous round(s). BAC uses the term 'Swissly', as we reserve the right to modify/optimize the tournament type based on enrollment or other variables.
   What does this mean?  Winners will be playing with other players who won their previous rounds, and players who lost their round(s) will be playing with players who also lost their round(s). This method keeps the tournament fairly balanced as it progresses. Tournaments are not 'knock-out' or elimination, each player will play all scheduled games.

Awards: The Experience itself is the award!  However, we will be presenting every participant with a small Rising-Star trophy for joining us, regardless of their final score or performance. (Please note that Performance/Score WILL be used to determine awards in other competitive rated events). 

After this experience, players will be better prepared (and far less intimidated) to join any of the half-day RATED signature scholastic Swiss or Quad Events, by BAC! (www.bayareachess.com/signature).

Entry Fee: $29

Tandem Parent Seminar

There will be an informational session for parents as the tournament is in progress.
Some of the features/topics covered at this event can include:
  * Explanation of the benefits of chess to your child... it goes way beyond the chessboard.
  * Introduction to tournaments and Explanation of the various tournament formats to explore (quads vs. swiss)
  * Navigating the USCF (United States Chess Federation) website. Explanation of the membership options and how to look up your child.
  * Explanation of the USCF rating system
  * Tools to aid the process of learning chess
  * Introduction to the BAC Tournament Home-Page (and creating a login there to register for Rated-Tournaments in the near future!)
And much more!


Day(s) of Week
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Club Length
3 hours
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