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2021 :  BAC Drop-In Clubs are Online only - 

Register for the Wednesday Night Drop-In Club, 6-7pm!    Suitable Level:  2-3

Register for the Saturday Morning Drop-In Club, 10-11am!    Suitable Level:  3

Register for the Saturday Afternoon Drop-In Club, 4-5pm!   Suitable Level:  2

Register for the Sunday Evening Drop-In Club, 5-6 pm!   Suitable Level:  3-4

*You may use 2019 stored-bundles, see note on each club page (or below)


BAC Clubs are back!  1 hour casual Learning + Games for Levels 2-4 (below). Clubs will contain any combination of lessons, group activities or puzzles/demonstrations, and sprinkled with paired play or practice tournaments (coach discretion) in our new low-ratio Online format!  


If we linked you here for a make-up class, please just select a course above, let us know, and we will send you the credentials.  Otherwise, please Register:

Registration Procedure:

     1)  Register at one of the 4 timeslots above (or in menu) and make the single-class payment to join ($20). 
     2)  The Zoom Link is included on each Course Page, we email the weekly password to registrants as the date approaches.
     3)  If you are using these clubs as a Make-up session, let us know which course you would like to attend and we will send you the session credentials. 
     4)  If using online credits, Register by contacting Jason@bayareachess.com and Enrich@bayareachess.com and we will deduct from your total and manually add you. (See bottom if using Club-bundles from 2018-2019)

Difficulty Levels:

Clubs use our Default Level system as below:
  Level 1: Absolute Beginners (Needs help with the piece movement and unable to Checkmate)
  Level 2: Beginner Level (Usually under a year of chess or below 400 rating, or Chesskid 400-999)
  Level 3: Intermediate (A few Years of Chess or under 900 USCF rating, or Chesskid 1000-1299)
  Level 4: Advanced (Tournament Players, 900-1300 rating, or Chesskid 1300-1600)

It is preferred that Absolute beginners join us for Level 1 courses before attending Clubs, as club lessons will expect all players to know basic piece movement. 
Higher Rated players are encouraged to look into TEAM classes or Level 5 Courses.


Please pass the new club options along to Friends/Family, wherever they might live!  Bay Area and Beyond 

Sessions: DROP-IN Format, purchase specific dates for that SINGLE SESSION ONLY

Fee:  $20 per session.

Stay Safe! Have Fun! Play Chess!

Join BAC at ChessKid.com!

Want to join us at www.ChessKid.com for pairing games and tournaments? This is not required, but we highly encourage it!
If you are not already a member of the BAC club on Chesskid, you may ask the coach to use a guest BAC account for the session.  Or, if you already have a membership, follow the instructions below:

How to register/import to Bay Area Chess if you already have an account (not a BAC account):

     1)  Login to your Chesskid account and go to: https://www.chesskid.com/settings/account
If you have set up a guardian account, you may have to be in your parent account and click on the child, then edit that account to see the next step.
     2)  Click on "Do you have a group registration key"
     3)  When prompted for a registration key, enter
     4)  We will manually confirm to our General Club soon after. Please make sure the Student first/last name is on the account so that we match up the name and proper roster.



A Note about Bundles (from 2019)

While new Club bundle-classes are not currently for sale, we have incorporated the Bundle program so that you may use those pending credits for online drop-in  classes. We have converted your bundles into a dollar amount instead of a classes-remaining format, so that you have a total credit ($) available. This is to account for some old clubs being $30 or $40, and new clubs being $20. The 'extra class' in your bundle has been added to the value, you did not lose it  ;) 

If you would like to use from your pool of funds for a drop-in club (Wednesday, Saturday-AM, Saturday-PM or Sunday), OR FOR ANY OTHER ONLINE OFFER, simply email your request to Enrich@bayareachess.com AND to jason@bayareachess.com (Coach Jason is the new Online Club coordinator and will be in charge of managing your credits).

Expiration:  Your 2018-2019 Bundles are normally set to expire after 1 year, but we have extended this by 12 months due to the pandemic. The "Free-Class" value of $30-$40, however, will expire on March 14th, 2021 (which will be between 1 and 3 years from the original purchase).