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          BAC In-Person Weekly Clubs (Drop-In) 

       Group Lessons for All Levels    



Drop-In Group Lessons, EVERY Weekend!  (SEE BELOW FOR OUR JANUARY 2023 RAFFLE!)

BAC hosts small group lessons on weekends that should be a great resource for any player looking to learn, practice or master the game in a fun and casual setting!
Club Classes are drop-in, single-session classes, so you do not need to register in advance or commit to a term. You may show up any weekend you wish and just pay at the door for that session without committing to a long term. Classes are ~50% live instruction/demonstration with top coaches and 50% pairings/games with other kids. Clubs are open nearly every weekend, though you may check individual pages for specific schedules and addresses.

Join us at any (or all) of the following locations, anytime!

Fremont Club, Fridays 4:30-6:00pm (all level)

San Jose/Milpitas, Saturdays 9:30-11am (new to intermediate)

San Jose/Milpitas, Saturdays 12-2pm (intermediate to advanced)

 Palo Alto Club, Saturdays 2:30-4:30pm (all level)

 Cupertino Club, Sundays 5:00-7:00pm (all level)

Most BAC Clubs are for players age 5-16 and ~u1250 USCF
90 minute Clubs are $30, 2 hour clubs are $40. The Advanced 'Elite' Club is $50.

Buy a Bundle, save 20%!!!  
Purchasing 10 sessions in advance for the price of 8. Bundled classes have a full year to use (expires in 12 months) and DO NOT have to be used on consecutive weekends. Whenever you come in, skip the payment process and just sign into your punch-card style binder kept on-location!  Bundle options are not available for Online purchase at this time. Bonus: When your bundle is up, the student receives a special award - which increases in value each bundle that is completed!


           Our IN-PERSON Weekend Clubs have reopened (San Jose, Fremont, Cupertino and Palo Alto!), nearly every weekend!
           YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER, as In-Person Clubs are Drop-in (pay at the door). 
           Sessions are purchased one course at a time, so come whenever you wish!
           (Note: In-Person activities do not have Make-ups in the same way Online Courses do.
           Online payment is an option (only for the NEXT  In-Person Club).
           Cash at the door preferred, to prevent purchasing a seat online and then being unable to make it (we will not track make-ups)


Congrats to our January 2023 CLUB RAFFLE Winners!  We had over 100 participants over a two-week period.  6 winners were chosen at random and awarded a heaping crate of Chess materials!  Pictured below are two of our winners from the Palo Alto Chess Club drop-in location!