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Weekend Clubs - Camps

Dr. Judit Sztaray
Executive Director
James Bethany
Director of Enrichment
GM Daniel Naroditsky
Head Coach - Elite Team
Svetlana Kondakova
Enrichment Program Manager
GM Zviad Izoria
Senior Coach
Abel Talamantez
Previous Deputy Director, Director of Enrichment (2015-2018)
GM Enrico Sevillano
Senior Coach
GM Cristian Chirila
Head Coach - Elite Team

GM Daniel Naroditsky

Daniel Naroditsky is a Grandmaster, World Youth Under-12 Champion (2007), U.S. Junior Champion (2013), three-time U.S. Scholastic Champion, and author of two chess books.
His home page is:

He joined the BAC Coaching staff in June 2016 and now coaches the Elite Team with GM Cristian Chirila. It's BAC's honor to have him aboard.

Dr. Judit Sztaray

I've been volunteering for BAC since 2012 and became Executive Director in March, 2014.
My mission is to bring BayAreaChess to the next level in both the enrichment and the tournament side. I have a special interest in developing and offering a sustainable platform where kids can start with chess at the very beginning and develop to their fullest potential at whatever level they want to reach.

Sunday Evening Chess Club @ CUPERTINO

Please note: Absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD SHARING Policy in all BAC Programs

Bring your child every Sunday 5-8PM to learn chess, play against other kids, have pizza and most importantly have FUN!

Senior Coach Ford is leading this site with the assistance of Candidate Master's Coach Rich and Coach Brendyn.

Pizza is provided during this 3 hour club! :)

Parking is free at this location and Starbucks is right next to the church. 
Club is in the Chapel / Room 23. Directions will be posted on site.