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Warm Welcome to Bay Area Chess, 2021.  This season, BAC will be hosting both in-person and Online Class options!
Our Mission: To introduce children of all ages to everything that Chess has to offer, socially and academically, in the Bay Area and Beyond!

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Stevenson Chess Club - '21 Fall

Fall '21 Chess Class at STEVENSON School!

Wednesdays @ 2:40-3:55pm  (10/13-12/15)

Pre-Care 2:45-2:55 PM, Chess Class 2:55 - 3:55 PM

All Levels welcome, Grades 1+

*BAC accepts Kindergartners if they are already familiar with the game (can complete a game on their own) or are a sibling of an older enrolled student.




Stocklmeir Chess Club - '21 Fall

Fall '21 Chess Class at STOCKLMEIR Elementary!

Wednesdays @ 3:10-4:10pm  (9/29-12/15)
All Levels welcome

Grades 4-5 ONLY

Disclaimer: Generally, we would provide pre-care for younger grades while we wait for the 2nd release time and then start the official chess hour. The Facility reservations in this particular district have nearly doubled for this semester, so we are restricted to one hour reservations and can no longer provide this pre-care time on campus for younger students.

Wolfgang Behm

Coach Wolfgang Behm, is an experienced professional scholastic coach, and he has been one of the most sought after scholastic instructors in Silicon Valley for the past ten years. 

Coach Wolfgang is an UCLA Alma Mater Alumnus and he holds various undergraduate and graduate degrees in Philosophy, Classical Greek and Latin, Music, and History. Before teaching chess, Coach Wolfgang taught various philosophy courses, including upper division Medieval Philosophy, and logic in the CSU system, and tutored history, critical thinking, and philosophy at West Valley College.