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Warm Welcome to BayAreaChess' Camp Website!
We hope that you'll find all the information you are looking for on these pages. Should you have any other questions, or need additional information, we are always here to help and answer: email us to enrich@bayarechess.com

We have three main goals with our chess camps:
1. Have fun with chess 
2. Improve chess skills 
3. Provide other stimulating activities to maintain interest

We apply a novel approach, where we combine and blend Academia, Chess, and Games
Each 4 hour instructional block consists of: 
1. Chess puzzles & creative exercises to sharpen the brain. 
2. Group instruction & Personalized coaching to improve chess skills. 
3. Casual play to practice and enjoy Chess. 
4. Hourly breaks for (free) snacks and recess.

Choose the best camp for your child by reading the descriptions below:

Regular Camp: we welcome any child of 5 years or older to our Regular Chess Camps. Prior chess knowledge is NOT required to attend the camp, we regurarly get absolute beginners, beginner and intermediate players at these camps. For more information on location, schedule, please click HERE.

Master Camp: this chess camp is for our advanced players who are rated 1000 or above, or with special coach recommendation. These camps are taught by titled instructors (Grandmasters, International Masters, or Fide or National Masters.) The level of puzzles and games covered are for advanced players who already have prior tournament experience. For more information on location, schedule, please click HERE.

Strategy Camp: This camp specializes in problem solving, and trains kids to use the three forms of strategy (logical / operational / transformational) to breakdown and solve a problem. This is a new camp that BAC offers, which we hope will be a lot of fun for the kid, as they learn the in and outs of strategies that can be applied to games. For more information on locations, schedule and curriculum covered, pleaes click HERE.

Get more information on specific camp types, dates and locations, daily schedule, fees and discounts by navitaging through the right side menu bar.
Tentative coach assignments has been published and can be found HERE, becuase we know some of you are looking for specific coaches for your child. 

Should you have any question, please email us at enrich@bayareachess.com and we'll get back to you very soon.