NEW PLAYERS! Level 1 "Mighty Pawns" Boot-Camps for Fall 2020!   


Weekly Courses for Brand New Players!  Level 1:
   We recognize that new players struggle to keep up when merged with kids that are already proficient with the game. Absolute beginners are also at a disadvantage in trying to remember the basic moves/rules if there is too long of a break between classes. So, Level 1 students will have a daily class for one week (5-sessions) that should get your child to a point where they can complete a game on their own in just one week!  From there, they can join us for our other Fall semester options

Level 1 - Absolute Beginners: For BRAND NEW players only; still learning the pieces and unable to checkmate. 
   Topics can include: Piece names/movement, starting position, turn-sequence, piece values, special rules, general board competencies and checks/checkmates. Combine with the first 10 video lessons on ChessKid for optimal development and support! 

Format: 5 Daily Lessons, Monday through Friday at the designated start time. Registration comes with a Gold Membership to Chesskid.com in the BAC Club if the student does not already have one. The course come with the expectation that students will play on their own time, so the 50 minute session can be dedicated to Lessons/instruction. There will be suggested homework to supplement the course, but is not necessarily mandatory as many parents are looking for a more casual introduction to Chess.

BAC coaches are are able to track all progress and give assessments based on Chesskid.com performance and scores!

Fee: $87.  Includes 1 week of lessons and the 1-year gold membership.

New users: Information about your ChessKid Membership will be emailed 1-4 days before Course starts.
Zoom: The orientation for the class (containing the Zoom Link) are emailed to you on the Weekend before the Course starts.
Hotmail.com users: Our Links often end up in your Spam Folder, please check there before emailing ;)

   The average new player, age 6+, that completes 5 Camp sessions, 20+ games, and has watched the first ~10 Chesskid Animated lessons should only have to stay in Level 1 for a single week.  Age 5 depends on enthusiasm and practice.


Register Below!  Each Link will take you directly to a Course page with the Schedule and more information.

Fall Semester Level 1 Boot-Camps for New Players!
  8/24 - 8/28 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 9am - 9:45am
  8/31 - 9/4 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 1pm - 1:45pm
  9/7 - 9/11 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 4pm - 4:45pm
  9/14 - 9/18 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 9am - 9:45am
  9/21 - 9/25 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 1pm - 1:45pm
  9/28 - 10/2 Level 1 Mighty Pawns Beginner Boot Camp @ 4pm - 4:45pm