New Players, Welcome to Bay Area Chess, Online! 

With over 100 Broadcasts per week, we bring quality Online instruction to the Bay Area and Beyond!
No recordings; we are 100% live.  No Webinars; we are 100% Interactive.

Bay Area Chess is the leading non-profit provider of scholastic chess, voted 2018's Best Chess Club of the Year by USChess! This page will serve to assist players that are absolute beginners (Level 1) with no prior experience with Chess, ages 5+.

Monthly Free Intro Session! 

Once per month, BAC hosts a FREE 60-75 minute Live Zoom session where we briefly go over the movements of the pieces, introduce some of BAC's coaching staff, answer a variety of course questions and give a tour of all the features in your BAC Chesskid Gold Membership account.  There is no cost to join us, making our level-0 session the perfect introductory class all brand new chess players!
*Please note that this is NOT a mandatory session and students can join us for level 1 classes without having attended one of these. Also, students who are already proficient with the game will not need to participate in this experience, as it will cater to NEW players only.

FREE SESSIONS: Level-0 Club schedule:

- Friday, October 2nd @ 5pm (pst)  Join us Here

- Thursday, October 22nd @ 4pm (pst)   Join us Here

- Saturday, November 7th @ 11am (pst)   Join us Here

We also have This Introductory Video to help you understand some of BAC's fantastic offers!

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If you are looking for Course options for more experienced Players (Levels 2-5),
see our Fall 2020 Course Options Here

Looking for a Level 1 Course?

Class Description:

Bay Area Chess is hosting 1 hour distance learning courses via Zoom, and in partnership with www.Chesskid.com, to provide every registered student with a free $49 value 1-Year gold membership account where students will have 24/7 access to unlimited games, extra lessons, puzzles, and to serve as a platform for students to play classmates and others across the nation. Classes will utilize Zoom-Breakout to optimize learning groups with our low coach ratio for 100% live and interactive courses, so all levels are welcome! You will not need any materials, everything is provided online.  After one 5 or 6 week "Smart&Light" Level 1 Course, your player will be ready to join us for Level 2 courses!

 Level 1 - Absolute Beginners: For BRAND NEW players only; still learning the pieces and unable to checkmate. 
   Topics can include: Piece names/movement, starting position, turn-sequence, piece values, special rules, general board competencies and checks/checkmates. Combine with the first 10 animated lessons on your ChessKid account for optimal development and support! 

BAC's experienced coaches are are able to track all progress and give assessments based on Chesskid.com performance and scores!

Register Below

Each Link will take you directly to a Course page with the Schedule and more information. Upcoming Level 1 Classes:

Track B: Level 1  "Smart&Light" 6-week Fall Term, 10/28 - 12/9, Wednesdays 2pm - 3pm (pst)$113 for the term (6 sessions + membership)
Track B: Level 1  "Smart&Light" 6-week Fall Term, 10/29 - 12/10, Thursdays 4pm - 5pm (pst)$113 for the term (6 sessions + membership)

Track A: Level 1  "Smart&Light" 5-week Fall Term, 11/10 - 12/15, Tuesdays 4pm - 5pm (pst)$97 for the term (5 sessions + membership)
Track A: Level 1  "Smart&Light" 5-week Fall Term, 11/11 - 12/16, Wednesdays 2pm - 3pm (pst)$97 for the term (5 sessions + membership)

*Thanksgiving Week (11/23-11/27) is an Off-Week, but we will have daily 3-hour camps available!

New users: Information about your ChessKid Membership will be emailed 1-4 days before Course starts. You will be added to our BAC general Club with nearly 3000 other active members!

Zoom: The orientation for the class (containing the Schedule and Zoom Link) are emailed to you roughly 24 hours before the Course starts.
* Hotmail.com users: Our Links often end up in your Spam Folder, please check there before emailing!

More BAC Online Course FAQ Here.