ImagesPost-Camp Parent Resources

Your child has attended one or more of our Chess/Strategy Camps?

They are eager to play some more, but not sure how to continue?

Here are some links and explanations, and at any moment you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.


BAC Chess and Strategy Game Camps

BAC offers Camps for School Breaks, including Summer, Fall , Winter and Spring Breaks! Our Summer camps start early June and are all the way through mid-August (Strategy-Games Camps, Chess Camps, Master Chess Camps, and a higher-rated HACKERS camp).  It's not too late to book another camp!  Find them all HERE

Learn more about BAC Chess camps: https://enrichment.bayareachess.com/BacChessCamps

Learn more about BAC Strategy Game camps: https://enrichment.bayareachess.com/strategygamecamps


Weekend Clubs: 

4 Club options are available on Saturdays and Sundays all year round ( some off days apply), which are 2 or 3 hour classes that use drop-in scheduling!  We are in San Jose (3-hour Chess and Strategy Game combo), Los Gatos (Chess on Saturdays), Palo Alto (Strategy Games and Chess on Saturdays) and Cupertino (Chess and Pizza on Sundays).  See all of our clubs HERE. Register On-Line HERE


Strategy Games: 

An exciting and fun new curriculum that broadens the range of what we offer for student enrichment.  We host this option in both weekly Club and Camp form. See what the fuss is about HERE:  https://enrichment.bayareachess.com/club/saturday-afternoon-strategy-club-palo-alto


Chess Teams:

Our more experienced players can join one of our 4 levels of BAC Teams that meet in Palo Alto or San Jose on scheduled Saturdays with our titled, top-rated coaches!  More on those: https://enrichment.bayareachess.com/page/teams


Your First Tournament:

We have a special monthly Tournament called "Rising Star" that is specifically designed to be the first tournament experience for unrated kids!  While the kids play, the parents also receive a quick seminar on what to expect with tournaments, ratings, the USCF and what to do next!  Its the perfect first step.  We are skipping July, so the next one is on August 4th at 10:00am at our office in San Jose. More on that:: https://www.bayareachess.com/risingstar/


Rated Chess Tournaments:

BAC hosts many tournaments for kid in various locations in Bay Area. Please learn more about what we offer: https://www.bayareachess.com/tournament_kids/

We host half-day tournaments just about every weekend all over the Bay Area!  Find the schedule and info on those HERE



Want to stay up to date with info, events and pics?  Join us on Facebook and get all the news: www.facebook.com/bayareachess


Club Events:

The next Special Event - Tournament of Variants on May 19th, 2019 at the Cupertino Chess Club!  Come enjoy a 4-round nonrated Swiss Tournament where every game features a different Chess Variant, which will be randomized from a pool of options each round!  Players will be instructed on how the rules work before each game starts. The Events are held every other Month in Cupertino from 5-8 pm.  No special registration needed, as this event will be treated as a regular club session. Trophies to top scorers and every participant will go home with a prize!  Some prizes will even be randomized. 


Afterschool Chess:

We offer after-school chess classes in many schools in Bay Area!  If we aren't already offering chess in your child's school, we would like to be!  More on how to help us do that HERE:  https://enrichment.bayareachess.com/page/bring-chess-class-your-school


Any Question? Please Contact Us

Thank you for helping us in our mission of Transforming lives through Chess!