ImagesSaturday Afternoon STRATEGY Games Club @ PALO ALTO

Please note: Absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD SHARING Policy in all BAC Programs

Join our amazing Coaches James and Jason to learn all about strategy, creative thinking, theories and how to use mental math and strategy principles over the boards and games.

Ages 6+

Every Saturday between 1-3PM. This class needs prior instructor assessment and approval for admission as well as a minimum age of 7. Please, reach out to Coach James by emailing him to james@bayareachess.com

Pleas check this VIDEO about BAC Palo Alto chess and Strategy Games Clubs!


What is "Strategy-Games", exactly?

BAC's Strategy-Games is an innovative and fun way to teach children the logic and strategy behind a variety of games in a way that incorporates many STEM concepts while having fun learning games both new and old!  We use a variety of games (some with deep historical impact from cultures around the world and some home-brew games available only at BAC) to introduce the student to concepts in probability, game theory, pattern recognition, deductive reasoning, cooperation and creative thinking that leads to optimal decision-making in not only games of all types, but in life itself!   We enjoy analyzing rules, dissecting the math behind certain game mechanics, solving (and creating) puzzles, discussing the history and impact of certain games or theories.. all while practicing sportsmanship, resource management, risk assessment, and cognitive 'advantage-based' reasoning.  We also favor creative-thinking and design our own abstract or thematic board games, either from provided templates or purely from scratch! 


Coaches James Bethany and Jason Uerkvitz lead the ever-growing curriculum with a team of qualified and enthusiastic coaches and volunteers, bringing their vast experience in both teaching and Strategy Games to create a unique and fun filled experience in learning and gaming!  No Strategy Games experience is ever the same, as the coaches incorporate and provide a variety of different concepts and the selection varies tremendously!

We also have a special series of unique trophies designed specifically for the Strategy-Games branch of Enrichment, with it's own point system (stars), achievement badges and an emblem/logo designed by the regulars of the popular weekend clubs!



When is it offered?!

CLUBS: Strategy Games is available every Saturday in 2 locations.  We are in San Jose from 9am - noon as a combo club (Chess+Strategy-Games) and as a stand-alone club in Palo Alto from 1pm - 3pm.  As with All BAC Clubs, we use drop-in scheduling and there is no registration necessary.

CAMPS: We also offer Strategy-Games as a Fall, Winter and Summer Camp (often in San Jose and in Palo Alto)!  Much like Chess, it is available in half day blocks (9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm) or full day options (9 to 5!).  Camp registration Page Here

What is the age range?

The targeted age range is 6 to 14.  Younger or older kids are certainly welcome, particularly in camps, but with a disclaimer that the material is best suited for kids within the suggested range.  We also must emphasize that the physical materials in Strategy-Games can be fragile, therefore destructive acts or tendencies cannot be tolerated.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know at enrich@bayareachess.com

Happy Gaming!

The Strategy Club material has too big of a range to be able to write specifics, but it will always follow the same rough format schedule:

Sample Strategy-Games Club Format:

1:00 - 1:25  Arrival / Free-Play of selected Board-Games / Game Pairing
1:25 - 1:55  Instruction / Demonstration / Lesson
1:55 - 2:55  Application / Creation / Analysis 
2:55 - 3:00  Review / Clean-Up

BayAreaChess regularly organize and hold Strategy Game Camps over the breaks. Please, check out our offerings!
General information   --  Offered Dates & Locations

"Dragon-Slayers: Children's Swordplay Demo"
Where:  Palo Alto Strategy-Games Club (670 East Meadow, Palo Alto)
When:  Saturday, May 18th (12:30 - 3:00 pm)
What:  We are bringing in the Davenriche European Martial Arts School (https://www.swordfightingschool.com/kids-classes), based in Santa Clara, to come in and do a demonstration for our Strategy-Gamers on May 18th. The guest instructor will give a history lesson and show samples of medieval weapons/armor and the techniques and strategies used to wield them. Then, outdoors, the students will dress up in training gear and be given a physical lesson in the art of fencing/sword-play! Size will not matter, but the minimum age for this event will be 7 years. After the demonstration, the kids will engage in a board game designed around their newfound dueling talents. The Club will also open 30 minutes earlier on this day, so kids are welcome to come as early as 12:30 for free-play gaming until it starts at 1pm. There is NO extra cost for this Event, it will be treated as a standard weekend Club. For more information on the Davenriche Sword Fighting School, please visit the link above. Don't miss out, this is a very unique club experience!  (Chess Club meets immediately afterwards, from 3-5pm!).  Drop-in: $30.



Please watch this video about BAC Palo Alto chess and Strategy Games Clubs!



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