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Frequently Asked Questions - BAC Online

Camp Format  

What is the Difference between the Two Camp-Styles?
    - BAC runs two different camps each week: Boot-Camps and 3-Hour Pools. Each camp type is separate from the other and are better explained on our Camps Page. Join us for one type, or both!
   > Boot-Camps are 45 minutes per day, Mon-Thurs + Gold Membership + Friday Chesskid Tournaments.
   > Friday Pools are 3-hour single day camps + Basic Membership + Friday Chesskid Tournaments.

When can I expect the Zoom link?
     - We send Orientations to all camps the day before the camp starts (Thursday for Pools, Sundays evenings for Boots). We may send Boot-Camp orientations a little earlier if a course fills up before Sunday evening.

I didn't receive a Zoom Link, can you send it to me?
     - In most of these cases, the email went to an address that the parent didn't realize they were registered with, or it is sitting in a spam/junk folder. Hotmail.com is particularly vulnerable to not receiving links or finding orientations in spam. Please check in these folders before emailing us, which will greatly reduce the email queue we experience on Sundays/Mondays. The best email to reach out to in these cases is: enrich@bayareachess.com.

Are there Zoom sessions on Fridays?
     - Boot-Camps do not have Friday sessions (except for Level 1 camps, as they have a 5th session instead of Friday tournaments).  3H Pools only have session on Friday (except for the week of 8/3 - 8/7, which will have 3 hour camps all week)!

Pacific Standard Time?
     - Bay Area Chess is based in California so most of our references to start times will be using Pacific Standard Time  See Time Zones

What is your Camp Ratio?
     - Our Online Camps have a maximum ratio of 9:1 and we manage this with Zoom Break-Outs. There might be conditions where a general speech is made to a bigger group, or when same-day transfer requests come in before staffing is optimized, but we will generally keep it at 9 or better.  Enrichment Courses, which used to be 12, will likely be 10:1 for the Online Fall semester.

Do you have Trial classes?
     - We do not have trials at this time. If you prefer to take a single-session class and register for just one hour before committing to a Camp week, we have those available 4x per week, by level, in our Drop-In Clubs.


Skill Levels 

What Skill-Level should I choose for my child?
     - We have a general scale to help guide you on our Level Suggestion Page. Please note that Level 1 Camps teach the piece movement and get the child to a point where they can checkmate.

When will I know it is time to promote to a higher Level?
     - The link above has the average amount of time a 'new' student usually spends in each level before moving up; though can be different based on experience, practice and enthusiasm. You may use their ratings (USCF or Chesskid, both are listed in the link above) to help with this decision. BAC Coaches will also be able to make a recommendation for you.
     - Our most common question is if a Level 1 student is ready to move up after one week:
The average new player, age 6+, that completes 5 Camp sessions, 20+ games, and has watched the first ~10 Chesskid Animated lessons should only have to stay in Level 1 for a single week."


Chesskid.com Membership 

What is the difference between Basic and Gold?
     - Check here to see the benefits of a Gold Membership.

Do I have to make my own account?
     - You do not, we create Gold Memberships for Boot-Camps and mail them to you.

When will I receive my Chesskid Membership?
     - If you registered for a Boot-Camp and do not already have a membership in our BAC Chesskid club, you will receive it a couple of days before the camp starts so that the students can follow along with practice, supplementary lessons and games. 

I didn't receive a Membership, can you send it to me?
     - Memberships might already be in your spam folder or on an alternate (registered) email address. Please check there first, but otherwise we can help you at enrich@bayareachess.com if you do not have it by Monday evenings (for Boot-Camps). The membership lasts for a year and is not required during the Camp session itself (but is for the Friday tournaments!!)

My kid already has a Non-BAC Chesskid account, can I use that one instead?
     - It is not preferred, as sometimes the import process can be tricky and it is much easier to search/track student progress when they have the BAC naming convention that our accounts have by default.  If the account has enormous progress on it, though, we can attempt to import and recycle the one we made for you, just let us know.


Friday Chesskid Tournaments 

How do I register for the Friday Tournaments?
     - There's no need to register! If you are in the BAC Club (all accounts that we create are in by default!) then you only need to show up. Please see the BAC Chesskid Tournament Page for further instructions for Tournament Fridays.

Which Tournament do I join?
- As a BAC Camper, you will actually have access to ALL Friday Tournaments, 8AM to 6PM every week.  However, only the Tournament on the same timeslot as your registered Boot-Camp has a chance to come with a Prize. For example, if you were registered for a 10am Camp, the 10am Tournament will reward 1 "Wizard-Point" to the highest scoring 10am-student.  Wizard-Points are a virtual currency we are using that can be traded for small prizes in the future and are tracked in the Chesskid Membership under Clubs/Forums.

I cant seem to find/join the Tournament, can you please help me?
     - Please explore the link above very thoroughly, as it covers every question and topic we've received in better detail. Our 4 most common issues that players experience are:
  > You are using a non-BAC account that isn't in the BAC Club, so isn't able to see BAC Tournaments.
  > You are using the Chesskid App.. Tournaments are only available in a browser.
  > You may have clicked on a Tournament that is beyond the players listed Fast-Chess Rating: (u1000 and 1000+ can only be joined by players under 1000 or over 1000). 
  > Sometimes you will have to click on the grey X in the top right corner to close a Window and reveal the Tournament lobby beneath it. See the clear visual in the provided link above (and for all other Support issues).


Physical Classes 

When will physical Courses or Tournaments open back up?
     - We are waiting for the conditions to settle and as you know it is a very fluid situation. Chess falls heavily under the Material-Sharing clause that would complicate opening physical classes for now. You can also monitor www.BayAreaChess.com for an update on when live, rated Tournaments may reopen. 

What will you have available in the Fall?
     - We already have word that some of our schools will not be offering enrichment courses for the Fall, or at least not in September when they would otherwise normally start. Regardless, we will have Fall-Online courses available in tandem with our regular afterschool programs, whether directly through BAC or a program we coordinate through your school. We will be offering Casual and Motivated Online Courses that start in August. More on those coming soon on our Main Online Offers Page.