ImagesSATURDAY Morning ONLINE Chess Club - Saturdays @ 10AM-11AM

BAC Single-Session Online Chess Clubs: Saturdays @ 10am pst 
(~ Level 3-4 )

Off dates: Closed on 4/22/23

Room passwords are changed weekly, emailed to you before the session.

BAC Clubs are back!  1 hour casual Learning + Games in a comfortable online atmosphere!  Clubs will contain any combination of lessons, group activities or puzzles/demonstrations, and sprinkled with paired play or practice tournaments (coach discretion) in our new low-ratio Online format!  

How are Clubs different than Term Classes? 
Club sessions are purchased one at a time (SINGLE-SESSION), available weekly, instead of committing to a longer term. They must be purchased individually here to receive a different password weekly. This Course is for Level 3-4, while we also have a Level 2-3 Online Club session on Wednesdays at 6pm.  Do not buy multiple in advance... as registration here only counts toward the NEXT possible Saturday 10am class

Registration Procedure:

     1)  Register at one of the timeslots above (or in menu) and make the single-class payment to join ($20). 
     2)  The Zoom Link is included on each Course Page, we email the weekly password to registrants as the date approaches.
     3)  If you are using these clubs as a Make-up session, let us know which course you would like to attend and we will send you the session credentials. 
     4)  If using BAC-coins (earned in tournaments or chesskid championships), register by contacting Jason@bayareachess.com and Enrich@bayareachess.com and we will deduct from your total and manually add you.


Difficulty Levels:

Clubs use our Default Level system as below:
  Level 1: Absolute Beginners (Needs help with the piece movement and unable to Checkmate)
  Level 2: Beginner Level (Usually under a year of chess or below 400 rating, or Chesskid 400-999)
  Level 3: Intermediate (A few Years of Chess or under 900 USCF rating, or Chesskid 1000-1299)
  Level 4: Advanced (Tournament Players, 900-1300 rating, or Chesskid 1300-1600)
It is preferred that Absolute beginners join us for Level 1 courses before attending Clubs, as club lessons will expect all players to know basic piece movement. 
Higher Rated players are encouraged to look into TEAM classes or Level 5 Courses.




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