ImagesMountain House Chess Club - Mondays

Lessons and Games with BAC, every Monday in Mountain House!  2-hour drop-in classes for All-Level Chess.
No Registration Necessary, it's pay-at-the-Door!

MONDAYS in Mountain House @ Firehouse Community Center
Address: 911 Tradition Street, Mountain House, CA

 OPENING DATE =  5/20/24 !
 Note: Closed Memorial Day 5/27

Payment Options:

  -   At-The-Door Payment (1-session): 40 Fee

  -   Pay Online from this Page (1-session):  45 Fee

  -   Bundle: Buy 8 sessions (@320) and get 2 Free Sessions
(Speak with the Coach to order Bundles)!

At-the-Door Payment: $40 per session (no advance registration necessary!)
If you prefer to pay online, you are confirming/reserving a seat for the NEXT available Monday Club session. You may register here or make a Cash/Check payment at the door (on-location, preferred).

We welcome you to join us for our in-person Clubs. 
  - Currently available in Palo Alto, Cupertino, San Jose, Santa Clara, Mountain House or Fremont!
  - Masks will not be required, though recommended. Please do not attend the club if the child is sick or showing symptoms.
  - There will not be a parent-room available, it will be by drop-off / pick-up. You may sign-in at the door and students will enter alone.
  - Club skill range is for Levels 1-4 (or new to ~1200 USCF).

Buy 8 sessions, get 2 FREE! (not available for Online purchase).
You may purchase a 2024-2025 Club bundle, which will be tracked in the on-location binder. Purchasing 10 Santa Clara Club sessions in advance for the price of 8.  Bundled classes have a full year to use (expires in 12 months) and DO NOT have to be used on consecutive weekends. Whenever you come in, skip the payment process and just sign in your punch-card style binder!  Bundle options are not available for Online purchase at this time. Bonus: When your bundle is up, the student receives a special award - which increases in value each bundle that is completed!

Format (general estimate):

  -  Arrival 5:00PM
  -  ~0-25 mins: Students will engage in free-play with sanitized sets while we handle registration and collect all students, which also lets coaches do a general assessment of new students.
  -  ~25-45 mins:  We will then shift to a lesson or demonstration, based on the estimated skill levels present, which may include splitting the class into learning groups. Game Analysis and deep practice!
   -  ~30-40 mins: Organized Paired-play and over-the-board Gaming.
  -  Pick-up at 7:00PM.  Please be prompt.

Day(s) of Week
Start Time
End Time
Club Length
2 hours
Drop-in Fee