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Register for Weekend Chesskid Prize Tournaments (September 2021)
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Welcome to BAC's Prize-Club Tournament series!  If you are registered to any BAC online Program, you have been added by default to our regular Chesskid Club, where you have access to BAC's free daily tournaments (where do I find these). 

We invite you to join our exclusive Chesskid Prize-League (Tournament Club), where special points (BAC-€oins, or BA€) are awarded for every event (8 tournaments monthly, while still having full access to the free Chesskid events and Championships).  Compare our two clubs below!

   Compare BAC Chesskid Clubs 

                                      General BAC CLUB: 
 FREE daily Tournaments  
BAC Prize Club (Sat and/or Sun)
 Registration:  Unlimited Access, you are automatically added to the general BAC club. Monthly Subscription
(4 weekends)
 See Schedule below.
BA€oins Awarded: BA€ are awarded only for Championships or special events, and only to the top scorer of the event. 8 Prize Tournaments monthly, each awarding coins for participation. Placing 1st-3rd in any event awards 4-6 per tournament. Default +3 per event.
Membership Renewal: BAC renews 1-year Gold Memberships if the player is registered to BAC classes. Gold Membership Renewals do not require BAC classes   

One monthly subscription gives access to all 8 events:
Every Saturday AND Sunday at 9AM (8 Events total).
Start times are presented in Pacific Standard time.
Reminder: These events are not USCF-Rated, so you will not need a USCF Membership ID (just your Chesskid account!).
The FairPlay Policy on Chesskid.com is very strict. BAC is not responsible for consequences enforced by the Platform due to violations of the FairPlay Policy.



Register for the September 2021 Prize-Club Series: 

     July Saturday+Sunday Chesskid Prize-League Calendar: 
     Tournaments:  9/4, 9/5, Bonus: 9/6!, 9/11, 9/12, 9/18, 9/19, 9/25 and 9/26 !
     Start Times are 9AM PST  (Labor Day Bonus is at 5pm on 9/6)
     $27 for this Subscription :  Register Here

Upon registering, the applicable Chesskid account will be added to the Prize Club by BAC. You may confirm in the Chesskid account by looking under CLUBS.

Donors: Please let us know if you are interested in sponsoring a BAC/Chesskid Prize-Club to help us keep costs low for future Prize Leagues!



Frequently-Asked Questions

What are the Time settings for Prize Tournaments?
     Prize tournaments are slightly longer than free events and have two time-settings:
Classic settings (15 mins on each clock) and Rapid (10 mins on each clock).  In both cases, there will be a 1 second increment added after each turn.

What Chesskid Rating does my child need to be?
     Any Rating may participate in the Prize-League Events. In cases where enrollment is especially high, there will be two categories posted; and upper event and a lower event (same minimum participation prize).

How are BA€oin Prizes awarded?
     EVERY student that joins and completes all games in any Prize Tournament will receive +3 coins.
- Participating in an event but not completing all games (or resigning more than once):  +1 BAC¢oin
- Completing a Tournament, regardless of Final Score:  +3 BAC¢oins
- 3rd Place Score:  +4 BAC¢oins
- 2nd Place Score:  +5 BAC¢oins
- 1st Place Score:  +6 BAC¢oins

Where are these totals Tracked?
     You may check you BAC-€oin Total Here: BAC-€oins!
This Link is also available in the FORUM in the General BAC Chesskid Club

What if my Child misses an event?
     It is not actually expected that the player will be able to make it to all events in the subscription, though we hope they will be able to join us for as many as possible! 

More Technical Chesskid Assistance if needed: Help!




BA€-coins and How to Spend Them


2 Coins Choose from the Chess Fun-Bin (Pencils/Erasers/Stickers...)
3 Coins Receive a BAC Medal or Notation Booklet
9 Coins Performance Trophy or Magnetic Chess Set or BAC Puzzle Book + Chess Pencil 
18 Coins Medium Trophy or Add Custom Engraving
20 Coins New 1-Year Chesskid.com Membership
36 Coins Large Trophy! 
100 Coins Giant 2-Post Trophy!! or $50 ACE Gift Card
200 Coins Giant 3-Post Trophy!!!
300 Coins Giant 4-Post Trophy!!!!

How to Exchange Coins Physically:

- BA€ can be cashed in for Prizes at the BAC San Jose office(map) at a time during a live Club Session or Tournament Event.
- Coins may be spent at the end of any physical Afterschool program, where awards can be distributed by a BAC coach.
- Appointments must be made in advance if picking up at a different time (we suggest growing the prize over time!)
- Picking up at any other location (like physical Chess Camps) may be arranged only for Larger Prizes.

Virtual Options (local or non-local):

- (Top Value!)  Coins may be exchanged for BAC online club-sessions (1 hour classes) for 12 BA€oins ($20 value), or 2 for 20!
- Shop at American Chess Equipment!  Exchange 100 Coins for a $50.00 ACE Gift-Card. Choose your prize and have it mailed!

Want to Trade??

- If you have BAC Trophies or Medals already, in GOOD condition, we can buy them back or trade them up for BA€. This lets you continually upgrade your prize without feeling like you're "saving for eternity" for bigger awards!  *These trades can only be done at the BAC office under the conditions above. BAC only buys back medals and trophies up to the 2-post size, and cannot have names of other chess providers on them.


If you have any questions about BAC Chesskid Prize-Clubs or how to Spend BA€ coins, please reach out at enrich@bayareachess.com.