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2022 @ Bay Area Chess!


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Warm Welcome to Bay Area Chess, Online - 2022 
This year, BAC will be hosting both in-person and Online options!
Our Mission: To introduce children of all ages to everything that Chess has to offer, socially and academically,
in the Bay Area and Beyond!
New Players: Absolute Beginners are welcome at all In-Person Courses or should join "Level-1" Online Classes.
Online Levels: What are the 5 BAC Skill-Levels for Online Chess?


Online Track Classes for 2022!

 - BAC Online Courses are 60 minute classes, hosted 1x per week at a designated time/day/level.  If you would like to have chess more than once per week, you may purchase multiple courses to accommodate your needs (purchasing more than one course in the same transaction triggers an automated 10% discount) 

 - There can be up to two Course Tracks running in tandem: Track A and B.  The only difference between the tracks are the ranges of dates, so that we may host options in convenient intervals for new and returning families. For Fall of 2022, we will only be hosting A-Track classes.

- Every Online Term Course comes with a Gold Membership to Chesskid.com (we create and distribute). Students that already have an account with BAC will use their Chesskid membership for all online courses going forward.

 - NEW PLAYERS (absolute beginners) are encouraged to join a Level 1-2 course where we will be splitting students who do and do not already know how to play through a game.

Tracks A6A7


Note: we also have In-Person or Online Clubs (Classes held weekly, though purchased as single, drop-in classes) 



FALL TRACK-A7,  (Dates 11/7 - 12/23)
Pacific Standard Times

Level MON
 11/7 - 12/19 
 11/8 - 12/20 
 11/9 - 12/21 
 11/10 - 12/22 
 11/11 - 12/23 
1-2 (NEW + Beginner)
Chesskid under 850
    5:15PM   4PM
(6 sessions)
11/25 off
2-3 (Beg + Inter)
Chesskid 800-1299
  5:15PM   5:15PM
(6 sessions)
11/24 off
3-4 (Inter + Adv)
Chesskid 1050-1550
5:15PM   5:15PM    
4-5 (Adv)
Chesskid 1350-1800
  5:30PM     *Level 3-5

You may still register for a course even after missing the first session! We can provide credentials to a one-hour make-up class so that you receive the full value of the term. More on Online Make-up classes (single-session Clubs are also available for individual purchase)