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"Thanks for what you guys do.  Tony loves Chess!"
Tracy C., mom of a student @ Old Orchard After-School Program, February 2018


" MoM! Finally you sign us up for something we Love, Finally!" Then I asked them if all the other activities and they both agreed, chess was the best choice I had ever made for them." - Ana G., mom of 2 students @ River Glen After-School Program

"Thank you so much for your couching my son. He enjoyed the lessons very much. We were very lucky to have found your summer camps, weekend clubs and first team :-)" Yukari Y., mom of a First Team student


“My kids have thoroughly enjoyed their Fall chess session, thank you!  The are so eager to share about what they learned and how they won (or lost) their matches.  They are already looking forward to starting the next session.  Thanks for instilling the love of chess in them.  But more importantly, thanks to the coaches for giving them confidence that they can become better at something if they keep trying!”  Diana L. from Don Callejon ES

"My son loved the class and he learned so much. He looks forward to continuing in the spring...we are very grateful for the excellent instruction you offered. He has always loved playing games and he seems to be very good at math, so chess seems to be a perfect fit for him!" Kate T. from St. Pius School


"Thank you for a fun class, our sons really enjoyed it!" Jennifer N. from Encinal Elementary School's Chess Club

" My daughter really enjoyed this session!"  Rosanna C. from Encinal Elementary School's Chess Club

" My son, a second grader, is enrolled in the Chess Club @ Covington.  He is really enjoying it and he is excited to start up again next week after the holiday break. He asked me about additional classes, tournaments, games, or activities he can get involved in.  He knows the basics, loves to learn strategy, is competitive and wants to play games more often."   Lisa S., Parent at Covington Elementary School

"BayAreaChess is very encouraging and engaging, personalized training in a group setting. Both my kids who preferred to play in the playground with friends or at home, actually looked forward to the chess class even though they were initially not so thrilled with the idea when we enrolled them. Judit is very prompt in responding to emails and following up with phone calls when we have a question or need help with documentation. And the best part is that they offer classes on school campus after-school, so we don't have to drive kids around in the middle of a work day." Vasu S., Parent at Fairmeadow Elementary School

"The Chess program at Hoover after school is fabulous. The structured instructions from a Grand master and a platform for my 3rd grader to play chess with his friends are the perfect combination. It certainly was an engaging experience and I highly recommend it for all young curious minds. Being at the campus right after school makes it very easy too." Kammy 


"Thank you for the great chess year at JFS! Both my kids loved it and they look forward to chess class every Thursday!" Nanitha Y. at JF Smith Elementary School


"My son, a 2nd grader at Oster Elementary, has been playing chess in the BayAreaChess after school program since the last 2 years. He is looking forward to every session with coach James and has made lots of progress since he started. In the evening, he shows us the tricks he learned in class. He also enjoys teaching his chess skills to his brother and friends. We are happy with the quality of the class and the convenient location and time on school campus right after school ends. We will definitely enroll him again" Daniela B.

" As always, your team ignites our students with a love for chess on Discovery Day! Thank you so much for being a part of this exciting event. It wouldn't be the success that it is for our kids without wonderful people like you. One hundred thank yous!!!" Mara Z., Redwood Shores ES

" We are so impressed with our son's knowledge from just the one class that he had! He came home teaching us all that he learned it was great and we have a starter set of Chess with the names on them so we hope to play soon!" Karla G. from River Glen Elementary School


"Since our daughter started Chess Club at Sherman Oaks as a kindergartener (now in 3rd grade), chess has brought so much joy to her life (as well as ours!). She loves to play with her grandfather, as well as teach others. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Thanks for bringing this wonderful practice into our family." Alegra E. from Sherman Oaks Elementary School


"I really appreciate your follow-up as well when students are not there.  It really means a lot to me. Your policies and procedures regarding children’s safety is superb. I work at a school so I know how tricky it is to keep track of students. " Julie H. from Pinewood Elementary School

The sweetest unsubscribing message: "My son has unfortunately outgrown afterschool chess. Thanks for the years of fun and learning."  Heather S.



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"Coaches energy levels and learning experience"

"The chess class has taught my son good sportsmanship and has helped him improve his chess skills. He looks forward to it and it's the highlight of his week."

"Wonderful teachers, great curriculum "

"Great coaches and staff; nice free monthly Friday evening social for BAC teams; Great ad-hoc events such as Susan Polgar, GM blitz tournaments. Well done!"

"The coaches make learning chess fun and exciting"

"My interest is signing my son up in after school activities is to help him find his interests. My son came out of the Spring session interested in chess. This didn't happen in some of his other activities, so I appreciate it."

"my kid likes the class, the exercise book and the trophy in the end"

"Amazing coaches! Great feedback!"

"My son enjoys playing chess, He has really gained more confidence in himself and has made some good friends in school from his chess club. "

"My son had wonderful experience in the class."

"My kids felt like they accomplished a lot, they are very proud of their awards."