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Corporate and Private Sponsorship & Targeted Donation Opportunities


BayAreaChess appreciates and welcomes all individuals and corporate sponsors and donors. We are 501( c)3 organization, so that your donation is fully tax deductible, and we will work with anyone to find the best possible arrangements for a sponsorship.


We have several options with regards to ways for sponsor relationships and targeted donations.
Some of the options are:

1. Fund a Lunchtime Chess class for a Titled I school in the Bay Area (Cost range is $1,000-3,000/school)

2. Establish Sponsorship opportunities for economically challenged students to attend chess after school class. (Cost range is $500-800/student)

      Current sponsored lunch programs:
         Empire State Garden School - sponsored by The Rajaram Family
         Horace Mann School - sponsored by The Sartorio Family
         Washington School - sponsored by Shastha Food

3. Fund a Weekend Chess Club to be open and free (Cost range is $500-$3,000/school)

4. Fund a recurring 1day Tournament  (Cost range for one location is $600-800/tournament-$6,000-$10,000/year)

5. Fund a bigger scholastic championship tournament (Cost range is $1-$99999 - per individual agreement)

6. Sponsor a Norm tournament  (Cost range is $1000-$8000/tournament)

Email us to ask@bayareachess.com if you would like to discuss any details, or if you know anyone who might be interested in being a sponsor/donor.