ImagesReward System, Progress Report Card & Benefits

Our Rewards Philosophy

We at BayAreaChess believe that a range of rewards is an integral part of the promotion of good values and chess excellence. Merely winning chess games is not the basis for broadening a child’s knowledge, developing a stronger player, or mastering chess itself. We have a simple system, therefore, that rewards students—from novice to Expert-- regardless of their individual skill level. 

We are inspired when our students challenge themselves, making their best effort, demonstrating diligence, resilience, and sportsmanship. Our rewards system helps to bring out such qualities in our students, both in the classroom and the tournament hall, as well as in their everyday lives.

Our Point System

We use a reward system that confers points, which correspond to a student’s personal efforts, most of which are earned by student participation during in-class activities such as contributing during lessons and other activities, demonstrating good behavior and sportsmanship, and completing homework assignments.

Points are generally distributed at Coach's discretion


Typical Point Categories

Participation: In-class enthusiasm, attendance, sportsmanship, home/classwork and willingness to learn.

Behavior: Overall attentiveness, respect for the class and coaches, and cooperation with classroom expectations.

Progress/Activities: Growth in understanding and in-class demonstration (not always aligned with chess rating or skill grouping) 

Point totals represent various rewards, which we give out at the end of each term. Designed for 4-year participation, the system is such that by the end of the fourth year, ideally every player had a reasonable chance for earning all awards in the line.  Please note that points CARRY-OVER to future sesisons and can be collected over the course of many years.


View our awards line here:


Points          Reward   Enrichment reward trophy line

0-19              Small reward (key chain, writsband, pen, etc.)

20-59            Medium reward (chess medal, score book, or misc Item)

60-99            First Pawn Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

100-139        Second Pawn Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

140-179        First Knight Trophy (Black, White or Gold)

180-219        Second Knight Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

220-259        First Bishop Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

260-299        Second Bishop Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

300-339        First Rook Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

340-379        Second Rook Trophy (Black, White, or Gold)

380-419        Queen Trophy or Alternative 3-Post Trophy (any color, same size as a Queen)

420-459        Queen Trophy or Alternative 3-Post Trophy (any color, same size as a Queen)

460-499        King Trophy or Alternative 4-Post Trophy!

500               Special Honor bestowed by BAC! 

Please note that substitutions of similar size may be used depending on available Stock. It is possible that a student does NOT reach a new rewards marker in one enrichment term (most common for terms under 10 classes). A special medal is reserved for this situation to be given to the student as a marker of achievement while they continue to earn points to reach their next reward landmark (and to prevent duplicates). 

What are the benefits of chess?
Studies have shown that Chess..

1. Improves math and reading skills.    
2 .Boosts memory and retention.
3. Cultivates problem solving ability, analytical skills and critical thinking.
4 .Increases visualization and imagination capability.
5. Rewards patience and persistence.
6. Teaches good sportsmanship in a group environment.