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Master Chess camps are for the advanced USCF rated scholastic chess players. Minimum rating of USCF 800 is required to attend.  Master chess camps are taught by professional titled instructors ( Grand Masters, International Masters, FIDE Masters), and provide more complex materials than regular chess camps.

Master Chess Camp differs from the regular chess camp in a way how the material is introduced so as by the amount and complexity of the introduced material.
Master Chess Camp includes daily lecture-style lessons, which may require longer concentration and sitting, so as engaged listening, rather than relaxed learning; there will be a number of practice games, tactical and positional chess puzzle exercises throughout the day as well. Daily lectures, exercises and practice games will be alternated with the recesses.

The schedule of instruction is flexible and can depend on coaches' discretion -- calculation training, opening preparation, middle-games, endgames, etc. are all potential topics. The coaches will provide top-level instruction, aiming to challenge the students in an engaging way.


To see the schedule of the upcoming Master Camps and to register please go to the BAC Camps Registration Portal




Cancellation Policy

Camp registration saves your space. So, cancellations are discouraged. 

Free Cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

Cancellation made up to 7 days prior to camp start date will receive 75% refund
Cancellation request received with less than 7 days prior to the camp start date till the start date will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellation request done on or after the first camp date is not entitled to any refund.
"Sick Child "Cancellation
is subject to pro-rated refund minus $25 administrative fee; official doctor's note will be requested.

No exceptions!

Camp schedule change requests made prior to the camp start date will be accommodated, if availability permits. 
Those who wish to reduce from full day to half-day or reduce the number of weeks will need to refer to the cancellation policy listed above.
Any change request made prior to the first day of scheduled camp will incur a $25 administrative change fee.

In case BAC needs to cancel the camps, we'll process a 100% refund. We reserve the right to cancel camps 3 days prior to the starting date, so by Friday 8AM in case of 4 or less registered campers.


Late Pick-up Policy

In the past we had a few parents who picked up their child late at the end of the camp. 
Per our policy, we can not just leave the children at the camp sites by themselves. Coaches need to supervise them at all times. The late pick up has really caused an inconvenience to the teachers last year. 
Everyone who gets picked up 10 minutes after the camp is over (or, if paid for, the late pick-up time is over), will be charged $1 for each minute.
We hope that this policy will not have to be enforced, so please, make your and our life easier by being on time.

Any questions that you can't find the answers? Contacts us here and we'll get back to you!

Please note: There is absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD Sharing Policy in all BAC Camps and Programs.