ImagesCamp Fees, Discounts and Refund Policies

Camp Fees & Discounts

Camp Fees


  Regular Camp Master Camp
Full Day (9AM-5PM $470 $570
Morning (9AM-1PM) $285 $355
Afternoon (1PM-5PM) $265 $325


Camps fees represents a 5 days weekly fee.
The Regular camp fee applies both the chess camps, the strategy camps and the fusion camps.
Master camp fee applies to the Master Chess Camps offered primarily at our BAC office in San Jose.


Prorated Fees are calculated based on this table*:

  Prorated Camp Fees - Regular Camp Prorated Fees - Master Camp
  Morning Afternoon Full Day Morning Afternoon Full Day
5 days $285 $265 $470 $349 $325 $570
4 days $242 $226 $393 $298 $274 $483
3 days $189 $187 $306 $231 $213 $366
2 days $137 $129 $220 $165 $153 $260
1 day $85 $81 $134 $99 $93 $149

Prorate requests on the online registrations are accepted up to 48 hours prior to the camp's start. Prorate requests, received less then 48 hours prior to the camp's start  will not be honored. BAC reserves the right to refuse any prorate request received less then 48 hours prior to the start of the camp

  • Discounts*

    Discount for Additional Weeks:
    AM or PM Camps: 10% off from the 2nd week
    Full Day Camps: 10% off from the 2nd week
    *No Discounts apply to the 2019 Hackers Super Master Camp
    BAC reserves the right to withdraw/eliminate 10% discount applied to the existing registration if you decide to cancel one or more weeks (full or prorated) of camp within 24 hours after registration. in this case, 10% of the total price will be withheld at the cancellation

  • Discounts for Sibling:  10% discount for any additional siblings.
  Regular Camp w 10% discount Master Camp - w 10% discount
  Morning Afternoon Full Day Morning Afternoon Full Day
5 days $257 $239 $423 $320 $293 $513
4 days $218 $203 $354 $268 $247 $435
3 days $170 $159 $275 $208 $192 $329
2 days $123 $116 $198 $149 $138 $234
1 day $77 $73 $121 $89 $84 $134



Early Drop & Late Pick-up

Early Drop off & Late Pick up

Would like to drop off early? Can't pick up on time? 

Sign up for early drop-off or late pick-up for additional $50/week to get an extra 30 minutes before or after the sections.
Please, see late pickup policy.

Prorated prices as follows, prices are per session (early drop and late pick up together for week =$100)

5 days $50
4 days $40
3 days $30
2 days $20
1 day $10
Please note that we do not offer late pick-up option for the 9am-1pm (morning) session. Pick up for Morning Campers (9am-1pm) is @ 1 pm SHARP. no exceptions.
Please register your child for a full day of camp if you are unable to pick-up your child on-time, at 1pm.

Cancellation & Late-pickup Policy

Cancellation Policy

Camp registration saves your space. So, cancellations are discouraged. 

Free Cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

Cancellation made up to 7 days prior to camp start date will receive 75% refund
Cancellation request received with less than 7 days prior to the camp start date till the start date will receive a 50% refund.
Cancellation request done on or after the first camp date is not entitled to any refund.
"Sick Child "Cancellation is subject to the credit amount for the next camp if the note is received prior to the camp's start.  Official doctor's note may be requested. If the note is received while the camp is already in session, there is no refund or credit.
Change request made prior to the first day of scheduled camp will incur a $25 administrative change fee. No changes after the start of camp.
Camp schedule change requests made prior to the camp start date will be accommodated, if availability permits. Each such change is subject to the $25 change fee.
Those who wish to reduce from full day to half-day or reduce the number of weeks /days will need to refer to the cancellation policy listed above.

No exceptions!

In case BAC needs to cancel the camps, we'll process a 100% refund. We reserve the right to cancel camps 3 days prior to the starting date, so by Friday 8AM in case of 4 or less registered campers.

Please note: 24 H advance emailed note is required, if you need to pick up your child from the camp earlier than camp ends ( i.e. before 1 pm for morning session and before 5 pm for afternoon /full days sessions). The camp is following it's daily schedule, and the coaches do need to know in advance about such early pick-ups. Thank you.

Late Pick-up Policy

In the past we had a few parents who picked up their child late at the end of the camp. 
Per our policy, we can not just leave the children at the camp sites by themselves. Coaches need to supervise them at all times. The late pick up has really caused an inconvenience to the teachers last year. 
Everyone who gets picked up 10 minutes after the camp is over (or, if paid for, the late pick-up time is over), will be charged $1 for each minute.
We hope that this policy will not have to be enforced, so please, make your and our life easier by being on time.

Any questions that you can't find the answers? Contacts us here and we'll get back to you!

Please note: There is absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD Sharing Policy in all BAC Camps and Programs.