BAC: In-Person San Jose Drop-in Club!

9:30AM - 11:00AM. 

At-the-Door Payment: $25 per session (no advance registration necessary!)
Online Registration is $1.00 higher to account for increased Transaction fees. 
  By registering online, you are confirming/reserving a seat for the NEXT available Saturday Club session. You may register here or make a Cash/Check payment at the door (on-location, preferred, and cheaper).

10 Sessions for the Price of 9!
You may purchase a 2022-23 Club bundle, which will be tracked in the on-location binder. Purchasing 10 San Jose Club sessions in advance for the price of 9.  Bundled classes have a full year to use (expires in 12 months) and DO NOT have to be used on consecutive weekends. Whenever you come in, skip the payment process and just sign in your punch-card style binder!  Bundle options are not available for Online purchase.  Bonus: When your bundle is up, the student receives a special award!

We welcome you to join us for our in-person Clubs. 
  - Currently only available in Palo Alto, or here at our San Jose BAC Office Location :  Map
  - Covid-Ready Facility and Masks Required. Due to CDC restrictions, masks will be required in the club until further notice.
  - There will not be a parent-room available, it will be by drop-off / pick-up. You may sign-in at the door and students will enter alone.
  - Club skill range is for Levels 1.5 - 4.
  - At the end of class, students may trade any BAC-€oins they may have acquired in Chesskid or Over-the-Board tournaments for prizes using our Coin-store (BAC-€oins). 
  - Old Club credits from 2018-2019, which could have been used toward any program or camp, have expired (notices went out several times about an April 30, 2022 expiration).  


Format (general estimate):

  -  Arrival: 9:25-9:30 AM
  -  ~0-25 mins: Students will engage in free-play with sanitized sets while we handle registration and collect all students, which also lets coaches do a general assessment of new students.
  -  ~25-45 mins:  We will then shift to a lesson or demonstration, based on the estimated skill levels present, which may include splitting the class into learning groups. During this time, the boards/sets used previously will be swapped out for clean ones.
  -  ~5 mins:  We plan to take a quick break where we wash hands and maybe even take an organized walk outside, at coach discretion.
  -  ~30-40 mins: Organized Paired-play and over-the-board Gaming.
  -  Pick-up at 11AM-11:05 AM.  Please be prompt.


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