ImagesPhillip Ebbers

Lead Coach

Coach Phillip is a recent graduate of anthropological studies at the University of Oregon, a professional mixologist, an herb garden enthusiast, a prospective law student, and an avid tabletop and board game player.  A Bay Area native, he currently resides in Salem, Oregon, and teaches virtually via Zoom.  Games, he believes, are not only a mental exercise, but a powerful tool for problem-solving, for the cultivation of a sense of honor and integrity, and for building a sense of resilience and perseverance despite any odds.  Games also provide for the building of relationships, as brief as the length of the game and as long as a lifetime.

Chess, as one of the oldest and institutionalized games currently in existence, additionally allows for a broad exposure to people from all walks of life, and provides -- in addition to the mental acuity that is honed from the intense challenge of the game itself -- a platform for sportsmanship, cross-cultural communication, and a lifelong source of entertainment and joy.