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"To teach a child an appreciation and drive for achievement, accomplishment is no small task.  Nonetheless, BayArea Chess is a huge resource for our child (child of multi-doctorate, ivy parents) to understand and appreciate the joy of accomplishment in a social, fun, low-pressure environment!
My son will tell you that Enrichment Bay Area Chess has taught him a "love of strategy" to "game with my friends", where "my coach" is always excited about scores, and my son can "win awards".  As a parent, I translate that to:  offline/non-electronic appreciation for a classical game/pursuit that is global, and developing a passion for achievement and excellence.  This child is so excited about chess that he seeks books about chess strategies, and to play the game with his parents and sibling -we (as parents) are entirely grateful, and as much a fan of this program as our child!  Thank you very much, Enrichment BayArea Chess!" - May 2023.
Parent of a student, who has been attending BAC's After-School Chess Classes at Encinal School.


"I just wanted to say thanks so much to all the people/coaches who made chess camp so fun. My son is age 15 with Down syndrome but loves chess even though he’s not super good at it. He enjoyed the camp so much and said coaches and kids were kind. My other son also had a good time and said it was his fav camp ever I was worried that they were much older than the other kids of similar abilities. However, it was great. Thanks for being inclusive and welcoming of all levels of players. Please thank coach Chris and Wolfgang and the other wonder people at the Palo location. Thanks again." - July 28, 2022. Marissa, parent of 2 siblings, students attended '22 Summer In-Person Chess Camps.

"Researched organizations, schools in US, overseas, NY, China. BAC's incomparable asset is each of their staff, teachers have passion for chess. A personal mission to significantly contribute to the upcoming generation. Whether chess is a world championship ambition or just for fun, BAC instills joy, confidence, socialization, friendship, teamwork FOR ALL students. Every time my child finishes a class or tournament (win or lose), she comes out with a "joyful glow". BAC is a life changing family!!" - November 28, 2021, Clif CHu, Parent of a student, the student has been attending BAC's In-Person and Online Chess Clubs and Tournaments.

"It was fun and educational —it kept my age 6 son mentally own his toes while being entertained and learning a challenging game that he can apply patience into his daily life:)" - April 15, 2021 - San-San, Parent of a Brand-New Chess student, who has been attending BAC Online Spring Chess Courses, and quickly progressed form Level 1 to Level 2.

"Thank you so much!  Keeping my fingers crossed you'll host a club at "Crittenden" but if not the online classes have been great and so convenient on parent schedules.  Thanks!" - March 23, 2021 - AMP, Parent of a student, who has been attending BAC's '20 Online Summer Chess Camps, '20 Fall Online Programs and Camps, '21 Online Winter Camps and Programs and '21 Spring Online Chess Programs

"I feel like chess has kind of saved our boys during the quarantine. They have fallen in love with it, and enjoy it so much. This is a direct result of all the fabulous coaching they are getting during Bay Area Chess camps and classes. I just love that they have something that they can do at home that they really enjoy and that is fun and engaging. Thanks for making that possible." - October 27, 2020 - Parent of 2 siblings, who attended BAC's '20 Online Summer Chess Camps and '20 Fall Online Courses.

"My daughter attended 4-5 weeks of summer camp this year as a level 2 - beginner. She attended classes with Coach Jenny, Jason, Coach Arek and Coach Jeff. I saw drastic improvement in her chess skills because of this summer camp. Thank you! I would like to enroll her for fall 2020 online classes" - August 30, 2020, Rashmi M., parent of a student @ BAC's '20 Online Summer Boot Chess Camps.

"I wanted to let you know that my sons really enjoyed your chess camp last week. I love the chesskids platform - really easy to use and great lessons.  I was really impressed by how much more he learned and fueled his interest during that 1 week. Thank you very much."- August 4, 2020, Mark, parent of 2 students @ BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camps

"My son has enjoyed his chess camps so much! It’s his number 1 favorite camp this summer! He rated 10 out of 10. It is the only camp he reminds me every week to make sure he’s signed up. The coaches are great and very patient with kids. We really appreciate BAC for hosting these chess camps during these Covid times." -July 14 2020, Michelle,  parent of the student @  BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camps

"That's awesome!! I'm really impressed. Due to the pandemic we've really tried a lot of online classes and camps and, so far, your camp is the only one that's a hit! Thank you!" - July 7, 2020, Romana K., parent of the students @  BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camps


"My child enjoys your camps very much and has learnt a lot ~ Thank you! We're looking forward to another great one next week. You guys really did a great job!" - July 2, 2020, through Activity Hero, Rachel, parent of a student, who has attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camps

"My 9 year old seemed really engaged. The site was fun and teaches you about each piece. After a week in absolute beginner camp, my son was so happy when he was able to beat his dad at chess...twice." -  June 30, 2020, through Activity Hero, Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"It was fun. Teacher was so nice to children. Even through online, my kid could learn well. Thank you. " - June 30, 2020, through Activity Hero, Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"Excellent camp, hope my son does it again this summer! "- June 23, 2020, through Activity Hero, Julie E. Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"This was a wonderful program and re-ignited my daughter's love of chess." - June 22, 2020, through Activity Hero, Abigail C., Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"The coach is very nice and patient. My kids now is interested in Chess." - June 21, 2020, through Activity Hero, Jia L., Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp


"My little 10 year old son loved his level 2 chess camp. Each day he was excited to show me the new chess moves he’d learned. The coaches were all very nice, and handled the Zoom meeting situation well. Thanks Bay Area Chess!" - June 21, 2020, through Activity Hero, Cari O., Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"Fun camp for a quarantined summer! Looking forward to playing in some tournaments this year." - June 21, 2020, Hunter L., through Activity Hero, Parent of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camp

"Greetings,we just want to say thank you for all the work that goes into chesskid bac club, our kid plays on it nonstop and we love the fun daily tournaments with he kid friendly names and the special games and quests that he finds on there.This was one of the best choices we have made during quarantine. we are moving out of state soon and so glad that we can take BAC with us, I hope you keep your online service even after this summer." -  June 7, 2020,  from the Family of a student, who attended BAC's '20 Online Boot Chess camps

 "My kids say "thank you" for a fun Spring of chess, thanks!" - Parent of 2 siblings from the BAC's '20 Spring Online after-school chess program @ Las Lomitas School  - May 24, 2020

 "Thank you for this great experience,  My daughter enjoyed every class and learned so much!  She was so excited to receive her first trophy" - Amanda S., Parent of a Student from the BAC's '20 Spring Online after-school chess program @ Stocklmeir School  - May 20, 2020

"My son has loved being in chess and I wanted to make sure you knew how much he has enjoyed it" - Jean H., Parent of a Student from the BAC's '20 Spring Online after-school chess program @ River Glen School  - May 15, 2020

"My kids LOVE the online chess classes being offered on Mondays.  They look forward to it every week and play for at least another hour after the class is over and all during the week." - An P., Parent of 2 siblings @ BAC Online Casual Program, April 20, 2020

"My son had so much fun at the boot camp class today. Matt did a great job at being interactive, and my son’s been doing ChessKid non-stop since the end of class." - Ana L., Parent of  Student, who attends ONLINE BOOT CAMP  - April 13, 2020

"So happy that you guys are ️ still doing the chess online classes. My son really enjoys them and also thanks for de access to chess club." -  Norma Y., parent of a student @ Graystone Elementary School -  April 3, 2020

"We are grateful that we get to keep chess in our curriculum during such trying times." - Demetra M., Parent of 2 students @ Covington School  - March 31, 2020

"We are really happy with this solution (- online c;lasses -) and appreciate your creativity and flexibility to keep the kids engaged with chess during this time"- Kelley , Parent of a student @ St. Frances Cabrini School - March 30, 2020

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