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Lead Coach
Jason Cruz

BAC is proud to welcome Coach Jason Cruz to the Coaching Team starting February 2022!

My name is Jason Cruz. My journey in chess began at the age of 8 when my mother taught me the rules of the game, and how the pieces moved, and it was at that moment when I developed a respect, and passion for the game. It was not until early adult hood though is when I really developed a desire to actually get good at the game by studying, and competing in chess tournaments locally, and around the country. I have also had the privilege to coach chess to hundreds of children over the last 17 year’s by working with various after school chess programs, and chess schools. I also had the honor of working with Dr. Alan Kirshner at the very prestigious Weibel chess school for 5 year’s. I am very honored to be on board with Bay Area Chess, and to continue imparting my knowledge, experience, as well as the history of the game of chess to all of these precious children in schools across the Bay Area.