ImagesTestimonials of BAC Chess and Strategy Games Camps

Testimonials on this page are unsolicited and posted either anonymous or with permission to disclose names.
We take each and any feedback seriously and use it to make steps towards a better experience for all!


January 5,2020 - Anonymous
"My 5 year old son barely knew the names of the pieces before his 2 day camp. By the end, he could play full games and was explaining to me how to castle. He's normally pretty shy, and didn't know anyone there. I fully expected get a call asking me to pick him up early, but he had a great time. "

November 30, 2019 - Denise Webb
"I highly recommend Bay Area Chess. The Coaches were very friendly and engaged. My son enjoyed the competitive learning environment. He was excited about learning high level moves and came home and practiced them. They had several breaks so they weren't playing chess all day. Based on my experience, it is a safe and friendly environment."



August 22, 2019 - Sara Tevis
"Great camp, my son enjoyed the location, the snacks and the friendly competition throughout the week."
August 18, 2019 - Jae Yun
"My son enjoyed Bay Area chess camp and became more interested in chess."
August 4, 2019 - Syma Kazeminy (Master (Advanced) Chess Camp)
"Great camp, really amazing teachers. I was lucky that they let my 10 yr old son stay in the camp, because he wasn't at the highest level. He learned a lot. The only disappointment I have with the camp, is that I'm a busy mom and didn't notice the option for a full-day camp. The night of the first day, I wrote to the camp organizers and asked if I could pay the difference between the half and full day (basically, upgrade me to full day). They wouldn't do it, instead they said I'd have to pay 'prorated' fees (double the cost). I thought that was pretty crappy, especially for a busy mom. I wouldn't recommend them because of how they handled that. I liked the teachers though, they were very kind."
July 22, 2019 - Laura Koo
"Professionally done, Bay Area Chess has a good reputation outside of summer camps as well. My child enjoyed the week and definitely learned a lot!"

June 27, 2019 - Xuebin Guan
"I don't know how they hooked up my son(6 Yrs old) in the game, but my son thought this camp is the most fun camp amongst all the summer camps( including those really hype ones!) we have signed him up. He learned tactics to win, but also learned to how to face lose.
June 9, 2019 - soulaima gourani
"A great camp and great instructors! Our son loved it!"


What did you like about the BAC Camp?
- My daughter *loved* camp and came away an improved chess player,
- Very good customer support
- Great Camp. Our son (11 years) loved it! Great Challenge.
- I like the fact that you also include a physical activity such as kids playtime in the playground | park  & a emotional aspect such as kids making friendships thru mutual interests , while learning a great life skill such as Chess.
- strategy games and chess are great to alternate so no camp gets dull
- Kids were a good mix, friendly.
- Son did not want to go at first, but he ended up rating it a 5/5.  He liked being among older kids (teens) and learning new moves.
- You now seem to have provided more snack options and this is very good
- I appreciate separating out the older kids (ie teen camp)
- He enjoyed playing chess with different other kids, we don't know how to play at home.
What could we do better?
- Camp descriptions could use work
- Nothing, you guys are great 
- Maybe healthier snacks options.
- Some coaches seem engaged with the kids and others seem to sit down a lot.
- Nothing, or perhaps badges or t-shirts fr Chess Coaches as well as sometimes when the Coaches are in the playground monitoring the kids it is tough to notice them right away.
- The only thing my son disliked was the park with the big boulder -- he said he thought there was nothing to do there and sometimes there were flying bugs that prevented him from eating his lunch. He did enjoy Magical Playground.
- An option for a provided lunch.

"I am honored to write a testimonial for how great & positive a influence BAC has been on my son Sujay ‘s overall success in school and in other areas of his life. BAC has been one of the greatest sources of pride in my son Sujay’s life, it has positively contributed both to his academic success at school as well as his athletic and his emotional success and overall has helped to shape his character and personality. I fully recommend Chess, particularly Chess that is professionally taught and talent nurtured with care and passion such as that taught by Bay Area Chess" - Parent of Sujay D., July 2019



"My child has asked to attend more chess camps this summer--he can't get enough" - Parent of a k-3 student, March 2019

"My kids have been attending Bay Area chess camps for a few years. We love everything about the camps. The coaches are friendly and empowering the kids; the staff is accommodating and flexible. My sons' chess skills and focus have improved significantly, and they are enjoying their time at the camps! Thank you Bay Ara Chess!" - Elena K., parent of two siblings from the BAC Summer Chess Camp, August 2018.

""Thanks a lot for a wonderful experience!" - Andrei K., dad of a student from Winter Strategy Games Camp, Palo Alto, January 2018

"Thank you so much for your couching my son. He enjoyed the lessons very much. We were very lucky to have found your summer camps, weekend clubs and first team :-)" Yukari Y., mom of a First Team student

"My son LOVES this camp and begged me to sign him up to stay for the rest of the afternoon and do full day camps this week after his first half day of camp. We didn't realize this was more than simply a chess camp and that there are other strategy games that are so much fun too! He learned how to play a 5000 year old Egyptian game this morning and also got to go to the nearby Magical Bridge Playground to play outside too. It was hard to pry Dougie away today but he'll be back for the full day tomorrow. Thanks again for making my son's first ever camp experience so great for him!"    Deanna C. 


" Coach Faik: Thank you again for doing such a great job with all of the kids all summer.  It was a huge job!" Jean K.

"My son attended chess camp in July. He was excited about chess going into camp and was even more excited about chess after the week. He is grown as a chess player over the last two years of BAC camps."

"My daughter said this camp is awesome, which is a first. Abstract gaming by Coach James is inspirational, more than we expected."

"Coach James is always fantastic - we chose that particular camp because we knew that he would be the coach! Edward really enjoyed the different games and activities - thank you so much!" Elizabeth W.

"I like the laid back atmosphere. The coaches seem helpful. He went last summer and did ask to go back again this summer, so that is a very good sign for me. That was definitely not true of several of the camps he attended."  Janet W.