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Current open positions:

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1. Chess Coaches
2. Strategy game coaches
3. Part time administrative assistant
4. Social media specialist
5. Internship Opportunities
6. For High School Students: Volunteer service hours

High Quality Coaches Wanted! Interested?

The Opportunity!

We are looking for good coaches and assistants who love working with children. If you believe that you are the right person, please fill out the application below and submit.

Locations & Hours:

Our classes are generally located in the Fremont - South Bay - Cupertino/Palo Alto - Northern Peninsula area. We always try our best to match the coach with the closest classes possible, to limit commute time.
The vast majority of classes run typically in the afternoon between 1-5pm, with opportunities starting as early as 10am and as late as 6pm.


Compensation is based on past experience, level of qualification and availability. Starting salary is at $50/class, with a typical compensation of $60-65, and can go up to $85-90/class.
Any expense and extra compensation regarding specific schools can be discussed and possibly reimbursed or incorporated into the compensation.

The Requirements:

  1. Love teaching children and interest in learning chess!
  2. Commitment: punctuality, responsibility, quality of work, and onsite availability.
  3. Interest in learning about chess to teach children.
  4. Clear background check.
  5. Own transportation.


Apply for a Job at BayAreaChess

By emailing to enrich@bayareachess.com the following information:

  • Name & Contact information
  • Availability during weekdays
  • Chess Knowledge (Deep - Basic - None)
  • Strategy Game Knowledge (Deep - Basic - None)
  • Any past experience with children
  • Statement of interest

Or fill out the form HERE.



Part Time Administrative Assistant
for our Enrichment Programs

BayAreaChess is looking for an energetic person, who is available on weekdays between 12:30PM and 4PM.
Work is mainly online, so work can be done remotely, however, availability and response time is crucial during that time period.
Ideal for stay-at-home-moms, college students, part time coaches or retired grandparents.
If interested, please email to enrich@bayareachess.com with a statement of interest.


Social Medial Specialist

BayAreaChess is looking for an energetic person, who is expert in social media (Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, etc.)
Work is exclusively online, and hours are very flexible. Ideal for college students and any night-owls how is enthusiastic about chess life and spreading the love of chess and BAC's mission online.
If interested, please email to enrich@bayareachess.com with a statement of interest.



BAC Internship Opportunities - High School Volunteer Service Hours

Bay Area Chess is offering internship opportunities to students to assist us in our coaching and operations. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable work experience, help coach kids in chess and to learn more about the operation of BAC’s enrichment programs and tournaments. The ideal candidates will be in high school or college and have the following qualifications:

  • Be passionate about chess and have a strong desire to help coach kids.
  • Be an experienced tournament player with a solid knowledge of chess.
  • Be a hard working motivated student with a willingness to learn.
  • Be available to work weekends.

Please send your resume or statement of interest to enrich@bayareachess.com for consideration.

BayAreaChess is a certified nonprofit organization, and can issue Volunteer Service Hour certificates for high school students.