ImagesSunday Evening Chess Club @ CUPERTINO

Please note: Absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD SHARING Policy in all BAC Programs

Bring your child every Sunday 5-8PM to learn chess, play against other kids, have pizza and most importantly have FUN!

Senior Coach Ford is leading this site with the assistance of Candidate Master's Coach Rich and Coach Brendyn.

Ages 5+

Pizza is provided during this 3 hour club! :)

Parking is free at this location and Starbucks is right next to the church. 
Club is in the Chapel / Room 23. Directions will be posted on site.

Here is more information on what is happening at the Cupertino Weekend Chess Club:

Regular BAC Event @ Cupertino Club:

Try out our Tournament of Variants at the Cupertino Chess Club!  Come enjoy a 4-round non-rated Swiss Tournament where every game features a different Chess Variant, which will be randomized from a pool of options each round!  Players will be instructed on how the rules work before each game starts. The Events are held every other Month in Cupertino from 5-8 pm.  No special registration needed, as these events will be treated as a regular club session. Trophies to top scorers and every participant will go home with a prize!  Some prizes will even be randomized. 

Please check this video about us:  https://youtu.be/-9MjQL5A3Ww

Learn some fun new variants and have some pizza!

Pictures from the Special Event @ Cupertino: "Mystery-Chess" Puzzle Competition

puzzle1  puzzle2  

puzzle4  puzzle5  

puzzle6   puzzle3


variant tournament



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3 hours
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Parking is free at this location, and Starbucks is right next to the church.
Club is in the Chapel / Room 23. Directions will be posted on site.
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