ImagesSaturday Afternoon Chess Club @ Los Gatos

** Special Event on July 28 **

Hunter's Chess  @ Los Gatos Chess Club

BAC's Grandmaster Atanas Kolev would like to settle an ancient debate in chess once and for all:  Who is better; a Queen or a pair of Rooks?  On July 28th, the Los Gatos Chess Club will be hosting an unrated rapid tournament with one major change to the starting position: one side will play without a queen, and the other without their rooks.  

A personal message from Coach Jason and GM Atanas from the LG Club:

In the Checkered Realms a great disturbance has left the armies of White and Black void of particular factions in their forces.  Players will be forced to play their very best while burdened with a deficit. Coordinating knights and bishops, players will not only strive for Checkmate, but also attempt to eliminate their opponent's major piece or pieces! As if King safety wasn't enough, this added burden is guaranteed to bring out the deepest levels of problem solving in players as they grapple with the complexities of game play in addition to working with a handicap.

As this variant requires maximum stealth and efficiency with the minor pieces, we are calling it "Hunters Chess".  The 4 game swiss-style tournament will grant the player the chance to play each of the four possible starting combinations (white/black and -queen/-rooks).  There will likely be two skill categories competing and with prizes for ALL attendees (unique trophies handed out to the very top scorers!).  There is no registration necessary as all BAC clubs use our standard drop-in scheduling.  Club fees are also not altered for our events (normal club fees for attendance). 



Chess Club in the heart of Los Gatos with GM Atanas Kolev and Coach Jason.

All levels of players are welcome, from beginner to advanced!

The facility at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center is an outstanding facility and has many comfortable areas for parents to wait if they choose to stay. Our chess rooms are well equipped for lecture and play and we have access to more space should our numbers grow, and we do expect to see growth in our club, especially with the opportunity to work with and interact with such a strong GM, and a class that is suitable for both strong players and beginners because of our staffing. 


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2 hours
Drop-in Fee
11 Club Registrations
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Notes about location
Plenty of free parking.
Great lobby for parents to hang out during chess club.
Entering the building will need photo ID.
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