ImagesSaturday Afternoon Chess Club @ LOS GATOS

Please note: Absolutely NO NUTS and NO FOOD SHARING Policy in all BAC Programs

NOTE: Absolutely NO Pork, Shellfish, Peanuts allowed at this site

Chess Club in the heart of Los Gatos with BAC's Professional Coaches!

Ages 5+

All levels of players are welcome, from beginner to advanced!

The facility at the Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center is an outstanding facility and has many comfortable areas for parents to wait if they choose to stay. Our chess rooms are well equipped for lecture and play and we have access to more space should our numbers grow, and we do expect to see growth in our club, especially with the opportunity to work with and interact with such a strong GM, and a class that is suitable for both strong players and beginners because of our staffing. 


Day(s) of Week
Start Time
End Time
Club Length
2 hours
Drop-in Fee
11 Club Registrations
Dates without Club
Notes about location
Plenty of free parking.
Great lobby for parents to hang out during chess club.
Entering the building will need photo ID.
Lead Coach
Assistant Coach