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Fall 2022 Chess Club @ Weibel Elementary

Fridays, 3:00 - 4:30PM (9/9-12/16)
Doors open at 2:40pm!


90 minute courses, once per week (will join the full-term students!)

Free Chesskid.com Gold Membership or BAC Workbook, see below:

Bay Area Chess: The largest non-profit Chess provider west of Texas!  
BAC combines fun and learning while promoting a team spirit where everyone helps each other succeed and improve. Our chess program will cover the very basics for students new to the game while also challenging more experienced players with more advanced concepts. Students will have the opportunity to learn the moves of the pieces, opening strategy, tactics, checkmates and endgame play. Students will also learn valuable life skills through chess, such as winning and losing with grace, sportsmanship, planning and team spirit. Our mission is to transform and enrich the lives of students through chess.  BAC is also the official organizer of the California State Championship and will be sending a Weibel Team to States every year going forward!

A special note of Thanks to Dr Alan Kirshner, original Weibel Chess organizer and a legend in the field of chess. Thank you, Sir.

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Register:  ALL Levels will be registering through this page (unlike last year where we separated registration by skill).  We have records on returning students and will know immediately which players are joining us for the first time.  If you have a player NEW to our program, but NOT New to Chess, please just mention it in notes. Assessments will be done on the first hour of the first day of class.

Format:  This 90 minute Club Course will be roughly 50% demonstration/instruction and 50% live pairings or puzzle time. We aim to keep kids engaged and learning for the whole duration while also having fun doing it!  More FAQ here.  We will be assessing players on the first day. This allows for us to get to know the students, go over the rules and make sure all players are properly grouped by monitoring open-play before moving forward with deeper instruction. 

Grade-Level:  Our Programs are generally for Grades 1-8. BAC accepts Kindergartners if they are already familiar with the game (can complete a game on their own) or are a sibling of an older enrolled student.

Coaches and Curriculum:  Many of our Coaches were influential regulars that taught at Weibel in the past, like GM Enrico Sevillano and coaches Bada and Jenny!  Meet them all here: Coaches | Bay Area Chess.  Our esteemed coaches will evaluate the final roster and develop a curriculum that best suits our players based on their needs, experience levels and goals. 

Discount:  10% Sibling discounts are accounted for automatically by the system (so long as purchases are made in one single transaction).

Ratio:  Coach Ratios will generally be 12:1 or better in any given classroom.  Some lessons/circumstances allow for higher.

2022 State Championship Titles!:  Spring of 2022 was a fantastic season for Weibel players!
Grade K-3 100-400 1st Place State Champion School!
Grade K-3 400-800 1st Place State Champion School!
Grade K-3 400-800 1st Place State Champion Club!
Grade K-3 400-800 1st Place Individual State Champion!
Grade K-3 800+ 2nd Place State Champion Club!
Grade 3: State Co-Champion School!
Grade 3: 1st Place State Champion Club!
Grade 3: 3rd Place individual State Title!
Grade 4: 2nd Place Individual State Title!
Grade 5: 1st Place State Champion Club!

Chesskid.com:  Bonus Feature!  Registering as a beginner comes with a free Gold Membership to Chesskid.com (1-year, $49 value) where kids can play in unlimited games, puzzles, extra animated lessons and even daily online tournaments in our BAC Club of over 4000 active players!  This account allows for perfect at-home training and fun and can also serve as weekly practice and homework.  BAC will send you this information, you do not need to make an account. 
  Note: Beginners will receive Chesskid accounts, while returning or Advanced players will receive BAC workbooks and represent the school as a Team in State+National Events!.

In-Person Weekend Clubs:  For supplemental learning, BAC hosts Drop-in Chess Clubs every Saturday in San Jose (near Milpitas) and Palo Alto (near Mitchell Park). No registration needed (pay at the door), all levels welcome!

Questions?  FAQ Page. We can also be reached at Enrich@bayareachess.com


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Stay Safe! Have Fun! Learn Chess!


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