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Fall '21 Chess Class at STOCKLMEIR Elementary!

Wednesdays @ 3:10-4:10pm  (9/29-12/15)
All Levels welcome

Grades 4-5 ONLY

Disclaimer: Generally, we would provide pre-care for younger grades while we wait for the 2nd release time and then start the official chess hour. The Facility reservations in this particular district have nearly doubled for this semester, so we are restricted to one hour reservations and can no longer provide this pre-care time on campus for younger students.

The course IS available for the grades 2-3 (not K or 1) but ONLY if a parent picks the child up from their regular release time and then later escorts them to chess at 3:10 since the school confirms that absolutely no child may wait around on or off campus during this window of time.

Otherwise, please consider joining us for Virtual classes, which are designed for any school, any grade, any level : 
FALL 2021 | Bay Area Chess

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