ImagesNM Paul Agron



I am a National Master with years of coaching experience. I have had tremendous success over the years with  teaching chess to beginners  as well as ambitious tournament players. I learned the game from my grandfather (a Soviet Master) who was a childhood friend of the fabulous David Bronstein (one of the strongest players in chess history). Throughout my coaching career I’ve had the privilege of teaching children as young as 5 and folks well into their retirement. Currently I am a father to a 3-year-old daughter, who already knows most of the rules of the game, with another daughter on the way.

My resume includes teaching engineering at college level as well decades of work experience at the nations top technology companies. The experience helps me integrate an academic/engineering thought process into chess education. In addition, I bring a good sense of humor to my coaching practice and adhere to the philosophy of having fun at all times while building a skill. My style of play has been described as positionally aggressive and in my coaching I emphasize endgame and middle game technique. I am fluent in Russian and speak poor German and Japanese.

NM Paul Argon has joined BAC Coaching Staff  in September 2019