ImagesFleford (Ford) Redoloza

Senior Coach

When I was 15, I was amazed that a board of squares was a serious game. This 64-square board has been a part of my life: I got my college degrees through chess scholarships; I found some of my lifelong friends through blitz, slow games, and chess players' stories; and I realized that life is chess, except that life is played only once. A blunder is forever. No replay. No rematch. 
Besides chess, I'm a big fan of boxing, NBA playoff, grand slam tennis, movies, behaved kids, reformed theology, astronomy, religious and political debates, Asian food, dogs, my son and my daughter (and sometimes, my wife).
Back to chess, I think the best chess player ever is Kasparov. Fischer didn't realize his full potential. Carlsen, though, may eclipse the records of Kasparov and Fischer. Finally, chess's full potential is still forthcoming and in this part of the world, BayAreaChess is giving our kids a great opportunity to write their own chess destiny.