ImagesDarryl Chan


Darryl began playing chess competitively in middle school and high school.  He has recently been teaching chess at various elementary schools on the peninsula.  I have also coached youth sports for many years.  Darryl teaches process, principals and fundamentals so that children can grow in their appreciation, and understanding of their chess to enable them to be more strategic and competitive, as well as to understand how these principals and practices can have a positive impact in other areas of their lives.
Darryl has graduate degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on cross cultural psychology and developmental psychology.  One of his strengths as a coach is aligning his coaching style to the learning style of his students, as well as building sound fundamental skills and understanding. He has had a 25 year career in market research consulting in customer strategy and product innovation for tech companies.  He has been married to his best friend for 26 years and they have three wonderfully odd children (16, 18 and 21).  In addition to chess,  Darryl’s other interests include duplicate bridge, long board skateboarding, table tennis, pickle ball, Starcraft, snowboarding, and raising his two Shiba Inus.